oops closed lmao

open for just a lil while, wanna practice a bit. pls allow me creative freedom, you can be specific but not constraining, thanks!

ideas are required
story has to be posted or ready to be posted
no simple, vector, or minimalistic, sorry, i only do manip
use my form, thank u
password is your favorite song x

is the story posted;

most recent examples, deira & cursed land are premades, feel free to ask for them
still%20cold deira premadecursed
ps. free but credit is a must


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Thank you!

Hollie - Community Ambassador :azanthiel:

That ‘Still Cold’ example is stunning :heart_eyes:

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OOF HEY HOLLIE i totally forgot about the subcategories, haven’t really been too active in the forums, and thank u! :’)

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Heya Jay :wave: No worries, the subcategories are still pretty new - best of luck with this thread :smile:

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:two_hearts: :two_hearts:

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title; two ghosts
subtitle; we’re not who we used to be
author; dani n.
mood/colors; dark/sad
ideas/pics; it’s a harry styles fan fiction so anything with him and a dark haired girl (if not dark haired that’s fine too) just love your covers and am giving you complete freedom if you decide to accept ! (ps it’s not a story about ghosts despite the title)
other; thank you in advance your covers are amazingggg. my favorite song is grow as we go by ben platt it’s beautiful

thank you! but i’m sorry, i’m gonna need more ideas than just harry styles and dark haired girl, that doesn’t really give me anything to work with ^^;;

ExoticPng's%20(2) ExoticPng's%20(5) HS1-RW

these are some of the images i was thinking of. i just want an overall dark theme with the couple sort of looking like they’re growing distant (idk if that’s too specific lol) the idea is that they’re losing love due to harry on the road so if an empty road is an option.


this is my current cover that i made on canva if that gives you kind of an idea. i hope this is enough!

hey, i really don’t think i’m the right designer for your cover, i’m sorry and i hope you find someone! :heart:

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that’s okay! thank you anyway! good luck w your shop you’re amazing!

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I adore your covers! :heart_eyes:

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thank you!!

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title; Six Skeletons
subtitle; none
author; Kimberly Presley
mood/colors; dark
ideas/pics; I have none. Go crazy. It’s a nonfiction though :black_heart:
other; for today it has been Juicy by Doja Cat

sorry, i need ideas. when i say creative freedom i don’t mean no ideas.

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It’s a story about a girl basically telling the stories behind the six skeletons in her closet. She stays up late one night and records it all on a webcam before posting it to the internet.

The only idea I had was the one that I did with my current cover. Which is just a skeleton on the front.

sorry, i don’t really enjoy doing simple covers, best of luck to you!

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Oh, okay thanks. I just liked the one “Cursed Land.” Thought it looked cool.

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thanks! but that’s a manipulation so it requires a fair few ideas ^^;;

title;grey eminence
subtitle;behind the screens of estus
mood/colors;tense and twisted love feeling
ideas/pics;something that gives the feel of a supreme ruler looking down on a crowd