[OPEN] Nightly Graphics|Simple Covers|Character Cards|Banners|Bookmarks





Quote (you don’t have to have one):

Images/Ideas (transparent background preferred, if you can’t than just tell me what image you want, and I can try and find it): https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/animal-jam-clans-1/images/c/c7/Black_rose_png_by_pixasso79_stock-d5c95hk.png/revision/latest?cb=20160706210220 this picture but I want some other cool designs on it too, not just this

Color Scheme:Black and white and silver

Extra: I want these words on it, minus the authors name https://i.pinimg.com/originals/9c/ea/58/9cea5890754b0229acb1b1eb44bd7189.jpg

Password: (Somewhere in the introduction. It is needed so I know you read everything up top!) aquarius


Also I would like to request a character card but I was wondering if the layout could be arranged??


Bookmark accepted!

And how would you want to arrange the character card?


on the right side I was wondering if the outfit could be taken out and instead have two quotes?


I could do that!