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I love the idea of Necromancy as well. I really do find it fascinating. Anyway, thanks for the idea, But it doesn’t feel like something that suits what i have mind.:sob:


Doesn’t hurt my feelings at all :smile: you gotta do you, as they say!


Now i’m once again lost. I don’t know but i really want to incorporate something to do with demons that is why i even added a demonic name to the main character .


What is your MC’s name?

Do you like anime at all? If so, have you ever watched the Seven Deadly Sins? I only ask b/c there are demons in that storyline and it’s done in a pretty interesting way!


Kadin Moorgray ( this is the name she has now) / Zahiel Valachovic ( this is the name she was born with

Yes i do!!!:heart_eyes: I watched it ( well not all of it like a couple episodes) and read the first volume to manga.


If I may ask, why does/did her name change?

Awesome :clap:t2: the prompt combined with what you have so far described of your story reminds me a lot of that show! Maybe you could borrow a couple of plot elements from that?

Does your princess have a :two_hearts: interest?


She didn’t change her name . the queen who decided to kidnap her from a young age changed it.

Yeah, not going to lie i probably forget all of the plot elements in that so . :sob:

No,she does not, its most likely cause she is asexual aromantic and i’m not a huge fan of romance so yeah,


Why did the queen kidnap her? Does it have anything to do with the fixing the “problem” in the kingdom?

No problem with no romance! I would be lying if I said I didn’t like romance, but I am not a fan of love that happens too fast. So I am typically not interested in pure romance. I need there to be some swords and stabbing involved :sweat_smile:


its basically what started the problem i guess you can say,

i prefer me some gorey violence, and a heck of amount of action. then the romance :face_vomiting:


I finally have a solid idea . Now here comes the hardest part . Making a title for it :slightly_frowning_face:


yes I was given a Grimm Brother’s book when I was a kid and fell in love with the orginals. It’s going to be in first person.

¿ɯɐɹƃɐʇsuI uo lɹᴉƃ ʇsǝʇʇoɥ ǝɥʇ s,oɥM
'puɐɥ ʎɯ uᴉ ǝuoɥԀᴉ 'ǝuoɥԀᴉ


I see. You’ll spread the abilities out through more than one person. Right on!

When you have it posted you should let me know! I would love to check it out.



Oh no, hopefully, it won’t be like that this year.

Was the year before different from this one?

I would love to help! I you still need it of course.


From what I know they prefer if someone enters a new story posted on the first. Of course, if you already had a plot planned and characters formed as long as it wasn’t already posted in a story I belive that was alright.

If you enter let me know! or if you have questions don’t be afraid to come back and ask.


For the one, I already started and published the first 300 words for:

Fantastical Fiction:

Gods of Death

But for the one that I’m more interest in but haven’t published or even started writing:

Speculative Fiction:

Body Mods

Building Paradise

Star System


Let me know when you have it up! It sounds like it could be really interesting.

iPhone, iPhone in my hand, who’s the hottest girl on Instagram?


It’s already up :slight_smile:


Yes , it was for one i’m actually asking around for help!

actually that’s over with for now, I got a title and now i’m working on the summary.


Oh, it looks interesting.

But I do have to ask about the description. It sounds like a poem/song.

Why did you decide to put it like that? (No offense, and it’s neat. I’m just curious because I write at least two paragraphs and that usually gives away everything and leaves no mystery to it).


Well, if you need anymore or want suggestions, or just motivation feel free to come back!