Open Novella Contest and more!


Awesome! I haven’t posted up the prologue yet, just the rating page but if you want to check it out, please do!

And yes, I’m spreading the abilities out so that they’re all different and unique but all fit together!

UPDATE: Link to story removed.


This comment has been edited!

I just don’t feel like deleting this comment.

For reasons to keep this comment I will post a question:

How confident do you feel in your work?


Whoops, I just did! Thanks for the save.


Of course. If it was me I would’ve wanted the same kind of response. lol

Anyways I added your story with the others! I do promise to read it.


I wrote it to rhyme. It should sound lyrical because I used ryhmezone and spent a while saying it out loud to myself.


also there is a song called Moonshine, I have a plan to weave it through the story


Oh, I see.

It’ll be interesting to see how you weave the song in. Who sings it? (Moonshine I mean)

Would you like advice back on your first chapter? I took a glance at it.


Anyone entering two novellas?


Anyone using Fantasy Prompt #6?


I might enter a second book. I guess it depends how quickly I can get to 2k words for this first book


I’ve already started two and can’t decide which one so I’m going to try for both. I think I read only one can make it last the first round, though? Do you know anything about it?


I’m not really sure, this is my first time doing something like this…


That’s the Supernatural Detective, right?


Yes that one


sure why not?

The singer is LIGHTS


The only prompt that sounds interesting is the Soul Food one, but I don’t write Romance… I’m horrible at it :rofl:


I’ve heard of her. I’m actually subscribed to her podcast. Good luck with your story. :slight_smile:


I’ve come up with a blurb for my novella. I’d love some opinions on it. The prompt I chose was Flying World.

Legend has it that there’s a world above the clouds—a world teeming with magic—one where they say the gods still roam. Wisteria Jane O’Conner has heard these stories all her life, an aspiring flying fortress pilot she dreams of finding the mystical world.

When a boy with broken wings falls from the sky, the stories become more real than she’d ever imagined. Armed with blueprints inherited from her grandfather for a special set of mechanical wings, helping the winged boy might be her only chance of seeing the world above the clouds, but as he warns, angering the gods just might cost her life.

Torn between her dreams, her reality, and her compassion for the fallen prince, Wisteria must choose wisely because the gods are always watching.


Does anyone know if you are allowed to edit your piece once it’s posted? I’m assuming so since the judging isn’t until the end of January, but I haven’t ever participated and I didn’t see it anywhere in the rules! Thanks in advance!


Yes, ongoing editing is allowed, @Jenny-jenn9000.