Open Novella Contest and more!


Nope. I like my sanity. I have a friend who’s entering three, though. Are you thinking of throwing two into the hat?


Yes. If one makes it through, I’ll probably put more focus on that one. I don’t know if could write two full novellas in that time. Three would be insane.


Nice, well best of luck. Two already sounds like it’d make my head spin. Which prompt?


Hi! Im so sorry, I think google will translate good. Well, im going to try to write the things that I said but i’m not sure what is going to be the result. Thats my message; Im not an expert writter but I’m an expert reader, and then i would said to you dont do so much descrtiption if its not necesary. An example, when the charactres looks at the mirror he or she didnt have to say, I look at my blue eyes and my long and curly hair and bla bla bla. Its boring. But at the same time the missing of descriptions use to confundes people, you can tell to us the description of the character with the help of others like; The redhair sad…
And that’s all, I know that my english is not the best but I hope you can NOW understand me.

  • Lesseil.


Thank you. For the first one I’m doing mystery man and stranger in first person.

Second, I’m doing Pop’s Diner in 3rd person but I’m not making it a fanfic.

Which prompt(s) did you choose?


Another question over here :sweat_smile: do you have a better chance of progressing to the next round if you include images?? I hadn’t planned on including a cast of characters with pics, but it seems like lots of other people are…


Hello everyone, I’m struggling with choosing what POV I should write in. So, I was wondering if i place up here two example paragraphs , one for first and the other for third, ( probably not edited but that’s not what I want help with.) Would anyone be willing to give me their opinion on which one sounds better?


sure, but one question though. Do you embody your character when you write them? For example mentally when I write a character (especially my main characters) I explore that scene as if I were that character. So it sort of feels like you are telling yourself your own story and the language used would tell you which POV is most natural. But that is just my way of doing it. I’m just trying to figure out if there is a POV that you are using already that feels most natural for this story.


Hmmm…I’m actually a little stumped with the question you’re asking to be honest. :confused:


Sorry if I confused you. Feel free to post your paragraphs, though I think any POV can be applicable once written well. It just depends on your preference and ability to write in that view as I know some people write better in 3rd Limited Or first, vice versa.

But to pick my own question apart. Do you feel outside of your character when you write?


That’s the thing, I’ve always written like most of my books in first person. Always. Its like a thing for me. I have written some in the past in third person point of view. But it’s very rare and I really wanted to use the Open Novella Contest just to write in that third person point of view. Does that somewhat answer you question?


yes it does. And I think you can write your new book in 3rd if you want its all practice and fun so this could be a great chance to try it out. Write that book don’t be afraid and there are always people willing to help out.


:smile:Really ? Thank you, I’m so happy that I decided to join this year. I’ve gotten much more help. I hope i can also get help with the most hardest part for me. Which is editing and revising it. :worried:


I only have 162 words until I meet the first milestone on my book! (I might make a second book after all)


Great stuff. Keep it up.


I’m planing mine as we speak! Is it okay if I use 2 prompts? Can I talk about my story here? I feel like talking about it will make it easier to write.

Ooh, btw, I’m thinking about using Suspense Fiction prompts 6 (tarot) and 7 (soul sickness).


Thanks :slight_smile:


i’m pretty sure its fine. Now that i think about it. My story fits the dark lord one and myths of the legends.
Anyway, everyone’s been talking about their story so that’s fine.

ohh, that’s interesting




Woo hoo! Congrats to you!

Where as I barely wrote a word :sob: