Open Novella Contest and more!


Wecome! Come join the party of stressful work and Novella’s! lol

I’m sure there are actually a few people who are stressed about it.

Are you joining in on the contest this year?


I am, for some crazy reason


How many prompts are you doing?

One? (there’s a few here that are only doing that many.)

Two? (I believe I heard someone said that… A few comments up I believe one of them is.)

Three? (There are also a few here I believe who are doing that many.)

Me, personal, am working on two stories. One already published but that only has one prompt in it. I’m writing the other one and it combines three of them two.

How many stories are you planning to enter?

One? (there’s a few here that are only doing that many.)

Two? (there’s a few here that are only doing that many.)

Three? (I’m not sure about that one.)


Oh, wow! I’m only doing one prompt and one story XD


Okay so what about this:

The guy goes to a witch (because of this


Witchcraft in the Middle Ages was a controversial crime that was equally punishable to poisoning. If one was accused of witchcraft, the charges could be dropped by a relative’s defense in a trial by combat, or by twelve people swearing an oath of the accused’s innocence.


Now, what if he asks her for advice on where to lead the battle (?) And then somehow she asks him for a payment or something and that means he has to kill people. She’s being tried for being a witch and her only option is to have 12 people swear that she is innocent since the knight won’t want to represent her in a trial by combat and no one else will. So he has to kill 12 people and collect their souls and the witch then brings 12 people from the dead to testify for her.

This of course is what causes his sister to be sick in the first place.


Oh thank you!


For anyone who wanted to know, and might possible see this: (I confirmed this I think early this morning or last night. I’m like 85 percent sure it was this morning.)

My Question:

Can we write two stories and enter them both? If so can only one story move on or can both?

The answer:

You can enter more than one story and more than one story may move on, but you will only be able to win one prize.


Lol, that’s just the tip of the snow cone.

Have you decided on the prompt you wanted to do?


Yeah, I’m going to do the General Fiction prompt about overcoming something.


That’s interesting. Where did you come up with that at?

What I got out of it:

So he goes to the witch for help. She does.

Alright, now I know how your story begins.

The witch demands payment and uses his sister against him to achieve getting the twelve souls she needs because he wont fight for her.

Alright, now I know how the sister is involved.

(Why wouldn’t the knight risk his sisters’ life for twelve souls? Instead of trying to fight and win? Would the opponent be a creature that no one could defeat? Was there not enough time to train?
Did he not have a choice in the matter.)

The knight agrees. Collects the twelve souls from the dead and brings them to her.

So now the knight has to collect the souls.

When he kills them how does he collect them? Do he have to say some type of chant? Is the witch with him when he does?

Sorry, I’m not curious how you have your plot planned lol I know some of my questions wouldn’t be able to be answered. But I do like what you have so far! I think that idea is neat.


Well, I would love to know when you have it posted!

Are you writing it in third person? Second Person? First Person?

Do you have the plot planned? Or do you just go with the flow and write chapter by chapter?

Are you setting yourself up with goals that you need to or should meet?


I have like, a little intro posted giving some background info on it.

Third limited, if that’s the right name for it.

I have a rough plot so far. I know where I want it to end and some points in between, but I’m still trying to work it out.

I really want to meet to 2k goal, but after that school will probably get in the way


Yup! That’s the right name for Third Person when you’re focusing more one person then the rest.

Oooh, I would like to assume that you are a planner then? Someone who likes to put things down before going all out on it?

Have you considered updating weekly/bi-weekly with a certain amount being written? School can be tough on a lot of people. It’ll be a shame if it does get in the way. But I hope that you make it to at least that goal!

I’ll be cheering for you!


Yes and no. I’ve learned that planning too much hinders my creativity, but I need a pretty solid plan before writing.

Yeah, I’m aiming for each “chapter” being around 1k with weekly updates



Thank you so much for the feedback. I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:


From this article

These are all great questions that I haven’t really thought of, I’m probably going to take tomorrow for more planning. Thank you!


Of course. I hope that it was more helpful then rude. :slight_smile:


Of course!

I love asking questions! And usually a have a bunch of them :slight_smile: If you need any help feel more then welcomed to ask for it more! There’s plenty of people with different thoughts and opinions on here. I don’t know if they will always help but a few might.


Wow, 1k? Nice.

I’ve always been a fan of the longer chapters but I’m going with short and sweet this time. Mainly because I’m so used to writing to much detail in one chapter that I need to learn to cut it down.


I find that writing in the third person is best for me, personally. It allows me to separate myself from the character. I always felt that when I wrote in the first person, that I was talking about myself.

I like anything I write to be driven by the emotions of the characters rather than a planned plot, so I tend not to plan out plots ahead of time, but rather write based on how someone would really react.

I’m only writing based on one prompt, I think it’s titled, Bad Boy. I’m simply doing it to help to dispel/improve the tired Bad Body cliche on this site. It only takes so much of seeing the same plot or cliche, before you decide to take matters into your own hands and write what you want to read.