Open Novella Contest and more!


Welcome! It’s always nice to hear from other people. Feels like we all live a big big world then.

Does that mean you usually try to avoid Third limited? I know that sometimes it can be written almost as first person pov, that’s why I’m asking.

Sometimes it just feels easier that way, doesn’t it? Instead of sitting hours through planning and not even using most of the stuff planned? At least that’s how I feel.

Sounds interesting. Do you have it posted?

There’s a lot of the same plot and cliche here, I agree.

Sadly, I fall under the same plot thing for my horror story I’m slowly working on. I just don’t have anything new to add to it.

  1. No, I mainly utilize third person limited. It provides more freedom than the first person but less than the third person omniscient.
  2. I totally agree, planning stresses me out and usually leads to me not completing a piece.
  3. I do. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post the link here though. It’s on my profile, same user, titled Take My Hand.
  4. Not all cliche is bad, but some, like the typical bad boy, are absolutely tired.


Yes, they don’t like when links are posted but no worries, I found you.

While that is true that not all of them are bad there are the ones that don’t even make an attempt to be more then that. I know there’s the Bad Boy, Billionaire Lover (I’m pretty sure it was Billionaire), uh I can’t think of the others though.


I totally told you the wrong book. The one for the contest is On My Sleeve, sorry about that!

And yes, I agree!


That’s fine lol It can be easily fixed!


I might actually try to write it as a romance - challenge myself. Fantasy would be easiest, but that’d be boring…


YES! That’s exactly how it is for me! And I can’t write about characters that feel too much like myself (at least I never wrote a Mary Sue that way LOL).


That’s what I was also going to do, but I didn’t like any of the romance plots, so I decided on the general fiction and just have a little romance in it


Hello everyone ! How is everyone doing? 'm finally start to write the initial story. :smile:


I’ve written a little over the 2000 goal, but it isn’t quite the end of the chapter. So, I’m going to finish that, line edit a bit, and :crossed_fingers:have it posted tomorrow or Sunday!

How goes yours?



I’ve written a little over 70 words so far. I need my main sources of inspirations about now. I mostly get inspired by music or picture(surprisingly) and right now I’m stomped :sob:


Despite the doubts, I’ve written 2000 words! Now to edit it before it goes live :smiley:


I’m at about 1,400, and I’ve been procrastinating for the past like two hours by working on character aesthetics and playlists lol


Oh no! How dare you.

Now, let me in on this . :smirk:


it’s a problem because i wanna write like, 8k before the deadline for the first milestone, but here i am at less than 1.5k, and i decided to make my introduction pretty. i am a mess. how’s yours coming along?


You should take your time and post it when it’s ready! Don’t rush your process, the deadline isn’t until the 29th. You’ve got plenty of time :tipping_hand_woman:‍♀


Just type whatever is in your head, then go back and edit. I write some of the worst garbage the first time around lol but sometimes you’ve gotta get that crap out to get to the good stuff :smile:


It’s not that I’m rushing (cause like, if I wanted to, I could get 1k done in an hour easily) it’s just that I’ve spent so much of my limited time (I go back to school on Monday) doing stuff not essential to the story and it’s kinda frustrating haha.


That makes sense! Sorry, I’m old and didn’t think about school being an issue. Definitely school first!


They said senior year would be easy… senior year is not easy. but, hey, at least i’ll still have some time to write, it’s just i thought i’d be farther ahead haha. how’re you coming along?