Open Novella Contest and more!


Laid down a rough draft of Chapter 1, working on Chapter 2. Over the 2000 mark, but I’m paying more attention to the pace than to the numbers!


I’m pretty easily distracted sadly. :frowning_face: So, I’m all over the place now.


Haha nice! Honestly I’m trying to care more about the pacing but I need to make sure my first draft doesn’t pass 2k by a great margin haha.


I was taught in my creative writing in high school to use stream of consciousness or play it like a movie in my head. But how i am I supposed to do stream of consciousness when my mind can barely focus on one thing right now .:sob:


That’s exactly right!! As for how to focus, you just gotta push through it. Have you ever tried listening to nature sounds? Sometimes that is less distracting to me than music. Do you drive? Driving helps me work through a lot of writers block.


No, I tired to listen to them but their not my thing sadly and I cannot drive . :worried:


Do we lose points for the prompt if we don’t focus the story on a prompt? I plan to just use the prompt as a springboard for an idea I have in my head.


I believe that would depend on how far off the prompt you go. I know the judges want to see how the prompt plays into your story, even if it is a minor detail.


Day 4 of the new year:

Wondering why I have the idea in my head, see how I want the plot to go, but not understanding how it just won’t go onto the page.

Wondering why I rather go look at other stories than my own.

And finally, editing very slowly my own story with more description that isn’t needed and not for the Novella contest.

My new year is looking the same as my old one…

But on other notes!

I see a few of you are coming along nicely! Awesome job!

The farther you go the easier it gets?


My second chapter is now posted, so I am well beyond the 2000-word threshold for the first round, and I have fully satisfied one of the prompts, and likely a second one.


I have started writing! Currently sat at 400 ish words, but happy


I’ve written just enough to set up the story ~600 words. Now, I’m just giving myself time to let ideas marinate in my head. I don’t quite enjoy writing when I have a planned schedule or plot. Rather, I like to take time after each section and spend a good time considering what should happen next.


Just finished the 2k goal! I’m probably going to try and get ahead since school’s starting and homework will be piling up


So the open novella contest will be my first attempt at writing anything. So I wrote a blurb and I’m not sure if it’s good, so can someone help.

What would you do, son of the moon, to free your sister of her misery?

bring me the souls of those who’s names i’ve written in the shadows, and on the twelfth soul i shall free her.


I’m still not sure if I’m going to do the contest. I’m still trying to decide!

Also, you can link to the Open Novella profike in your original post if you’d like, that isn’t against the rules. You just can’t direct people to your own story.


Hmm, I like it, but I would like a little more context to what the story is about. Names, background, stuff like that


Interesting format! I can see the protagonist (son of the moon), and conflict (imprisoned sister), and those two things are usually important in a blurb.

I usually don’t like blurbs with questions, this feels more like an excerpt than a blurb.

If I were to write a blurb, I’d do it like:

When the son of the moon’s sister is imprisoned, he must collect souls to set her free.

Though, that’s more of an elevator pitch. In a blurb I like to see three things: protagonist, setting, and conflict. Usually in the form of one or two concise paragraphs.


If you were going to do it, what would you want to do?


I have quite a few different works in progress that I have outlined and could submit! Ones a pirate story, another a vampire story, and another a fallen story. Many options, lol!

But then again, I do need to finish writing another novel that I want to query later this year.


Wow, those are a ton of options!

Oh, that sounds exciting!