Open Novella Contest and more!


Yes! I have many story ideas, and they’ll all be written at some point! Just have to decide when is the best time for them!

Querying is exciting, but also very difficult. It’s rejection after rejection, hoping for one person to say yes!


Well, I know I speak for everyone at Wattpad when I say we’re rooting for you!


That’s awesome!

Does that mean you have it posted? or you still writing on the first bit so that it’s longer then 400ish words?


And that is how people make good stories lol Aweomse on the word count!


I wasn’t so sure about that, I mean I knew about things off-site but I wasn’t completely sure about the Novella contest. I’ll need to add that in case anyone wants/needs it.

Did you do the one last year? or would this be your first time?


I like what you have here. We learn about the person, the conflict, and then what has to be done to save the sister.

I know a few people like to keep their short, so if this feels right to you then you should keep it.
(personal mine usually ends up being 2-3 paragraphs. Waaay too long).


Hello everyone, how are all of you/ Me,I finally now have the time to write this story of mine now. :smiley:


Hello! I’m glad you finally got the time to write the story. I’m doing really well actually since I got my 2k in.


Thank you! That means a lot!


I didn’t do one last year, because I was busy working on a NaNo project at the time!


Wow,That is wonderful! I can’t wait until I get that far. So, I can just focus on the other things I have to do. ( I honestly never imagined in my life that I would be so busy…):fearful:


I know this is going to sound like a stupid question but NaNo?


That’s awesome!

How far have you gotten on it?


Yeah, I get you. Sometimes, I’m just so surprised about where all these things I had to do come up!


NaNoWriMo! It stands for National novel writing month! Every November writers come together with a goal to write a novel of 50k words individually. They also host CampNaNo, I believe in April and July, for novellas or your own goal.


I’m at 97 words so far…:fearful:


I didn’t know but I feel like I should’ve. Thank you.

I really do hope that you join in this year. It’s interesting to see what everyone is bringing to the table so far and make’s it possible for me to well, improve. (hopefully, improve. There’s a lot of talented people here.)

Normally I’ll ask a few questions about know to get a good idea on what you write. General just pov opinions, descriptions (I wonder about that one), and the genre that you usually write or if you’re challenging yourself. Do you mind if I ask those?


Well, that isn’t bad! You only have another 1903 words to go before you hit the goal and that’ll be nothing once you really get into it. (at least that’s how I feel lol)


I finally finished rewriting my first chapter, and it clocks in at 2225… oops.


:sob: Why must I be so easily distracted like right now. I’m supposed to be writing but instead i’m reply to you.:persevere: