Open Novella Contest and more!


:clap: At least you did it!


Haha yeah, although it’s over the milestone but still part of the same chapter so idk how that’s gonna get handled, I don’t know how exactly they judge stories and stuff.


Very nice! I’m about 300 wordish away from 2000 but I just… that’s the beginning of a new chapter and as you said:

I’m thinking about asking them how that would be handled but I just haven’t gotten around to it.


I do believe I know howy you feel at the moment. Only, I’m not only supposed to be “writing” but you know, giving a review that is taking longer and longer each time I go back to do it. lol


Yeah. I was thinking of splitting it up, but the 200 words was essential to that chapter cause the next chapter time-jumps 41 years, so it wouldn’t be helpful to move the 200 words to the next chapter. But oh well. I’m sure they have something in place for this sort of thing.


Dang…I already did everything I had to do earlier to ensure that I don’t get distracted from writing before I go to bed.

(But I’m getting distracted anyway.)


When I really need to get writing done (and I know this is extreme) I turn my internet off.


I wish it was that simple for me,but my mind would start drifting away from the task at hand and forget about it entirely. :sob:


Oh wow haha you’re brain sure is determined to not let you write.


My ever so wandering mind keeps busy at times for like hours and hours( even without internet.) But it is also not at certain times like now. So, I’m going to go and play music and hope that i can write at least one word before I go to bed!


well, one word is something, so let’s hope for at least one word!! good luck. i’m going to see if i can draft chapter two before going to bed. it’s just after 11 here.


Yess…one word is better then none. Wow, its 11 there its like 2 am here.Anyway have a good night?


Haha you too!


I’ll probably post it when I get to approx 1500 words I think.


Sorry, a bit delayed! Feel free to ask any questions :slight_smile:


It’s fine :slight_smile:

Alright, I’ll just go ahead and ask then lol

Which type pov do you usually write in? First Person? Second Person? Third Person?

If you do decide to join the contest will you be writing in an area that you’re familiar with? Or will you be trying something new out?

And finally, the last but not least, question in this comment. Do you usually add a lot of description to your book? Or do you keep it to a minimal?


It depends wholly on the story and what is needed. Usually, this becomes first person. If not first, then I’ll alternate POVs in a third person limited. For both first and third, I write in past.

Probably something I’m familiar with, since I have quite a few outlines that are waiting to be turned into drafts!

Descriptions are important to a story, so I definitely include them. It’s all about balance, though. I am not a fan of info dumping, as it can distract the reader from the story line and be overwhelming. Instead, I sprinkle in information as it becomes necessary to the story.


Why the oops? All that is required is that your entry be a minimum of 2000 words for the first round and that the prompt be discernible. If you exceed 2000 words, consider yourself on your way to the next milestone, 8000 words.

I am currently at 2805 words.


Well the original draft was exactly 2k, and I was quite proud of that, and the judges aren’t exactly clear on how they judge entries, and while I don’t think going over by 200 words in the same chapter will be a problem, it could, which is the oops. But at the same time, I’m not too worried.


I lost my dog today, so I don’t feel like writing… or doing anything at the moment. :frowning: