Open Novella Contest and more!


Oh, I’m so sorry, I hope you find he/her soon!


Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that. It’s the worse when something like that happens.


Hello! How is everyone’s writing going? ( I’m about to get some writing done before i go to bed.)


Since the 2000 doesn’t have to be posted until 1/29, I’ve decided to go ahead and draft my whole piece, then go back and polish it! Currently at 10,000 words.

How goes your work?


Hello all! I’m about 1,000 words in. I hope everyone is doing well!


Officially submitted my first 2000 words last night! I’m not particularly optimistic about making it beyond this point, but ya know xD


hello there everybody :slight_smile:


I have about 5000 drafted, and I’ve gone back to tweak and polish from the beginning. By the end today, I should have about 4000 words posted.


That’s awesome! My first 3000 looks decent, but everything after that is mostly dialogue. I always get caught up on my dialogue, so I like to struggle with it first and then fill in the other stuff around it. Which prompt did you select again?!


My story began with “After an archaeologist digs up a treasure, the original owner shows up to take it back.” But the one about the stranger who keeps crossing paths came in and displaced it. I’ve set it in the 1730s, and being a stickler for historical accuracy and authentic period language, it is a research-intensive labour of love.

What about yours?


That sounds cool! Do you have a blurb for it yet? Is there still a treasure involved?

I am using the Enchanted Forest prompt! Star crossed lovers lost in the woods and one of them is captured by a witch who turns people into birds. I twisted it a little bit, but the main elements are still there!


The title makes it obvious treasure is still involved. Here is the blurb for The Delfe Treasure

Aldrick Montford is obsessed with finding his grandfather’s ships and their treasure. More than half a century and seventeen expeditions have failed to locate Delfe, Santiago and San Joaquin after they wrecked in Windward Passage, deeply-laden with pirate plunder and homeward-bound from the Caribbean in 1679.

Elizabeth, daughter of the third Baron Leigh, was raised in Stoneleigh Abbey, Warwickshire, about as far from the sea as is possible in Britain. Recently betrothed to Aldrick, she shows a concern he will sail out of her life.

We begin the story as Aldrick escorts Elizabeth to meet his eighty-five-year-old grandfather.

Written in response to the Open Novella Contest prompts, Thrilling Fiction 8: An archaeologist digs up a treasure… And also General Fiction 8: Continued crossing of paths with the same stranger.

It sounds as if yours is Fantasy. Have you a blurb?


I love it! Definitely going to add it to my library!

Mine is absolutely fantasy. Sadly, I do not have a blurb yet! It’s on my to do list for the week, as well as getting a cover. I have an elevator pitch of sorts, so that’s currently my blurb placeholder.

The title is Spider Sight
Lisette is the daughter of a witch with a penchant for turning handsome princes into birds. When Gabriel comes hunting the crown prince of Thorn, will Lisette help him, or leave him to become just another pet in her mother’s menagerie?


Is your choice of Thorn intentional or accidental? Thorn in the Netherlands has a fascinating history; it was once the smallest independent state of the Holy Roman Empire, covering an area of only 250 by 250 metres.


Totally accidental, but I am searching for info on google as we speak. It looks really cool and I particularly love that it’s nicknamed the white village. This is great inspiration! My novella for this contest is based on the world I’ve built for a MS that I plan to query this year. This Thorn in the Netherlands gives me some excellent ideas for fictional Thorn. Thank you for the idea!!


It is a fascinating place to visit, and I’ve been there twice as I navigated my barge along the Maas.


No, I meant lost in the sense that she had to be put down. She broke her leg, twice, and the second time was so bad that they couldn’t help her anymore. She was old, the bone was just too brittle.


I know where you are. I had a sixteen-year-old poodle who slipped while getting off the boat, breaking her back. Little can be done with brittle old bones except to remember the good times. :hugs:


It’s especially hard because it was totally unexpected.


Hey! Wow, that sounds awesome!

If you don’t mind me asking, which type of prompt are you writing? And do you already have it posted?