Open Novella Contest and more!


Hey! How are things going?

Did you finally get that story you said you were going to up? Still working on it?



I’m responding to #2 in Fantastical Fiction. It’s not posted yet, I’m waiting for a cover from a designer. Also fiddling around with some things.


It sounds interesting. Let me know when you have it finally posted. I would love to take a look at it.

Are you writing it in third person? or first person? Maybe second person?

Do you plan on posting all 2000 words at once or spreading it through the chapters?


Sure thing :slight_smile:

I usually write stories in first person, but I may change it up and write in third person.

I’m going to spread it throughout chapters and try to do 1,000 words or so per chapter.


actually, i am busy nowadays because of my finals and i am having alot of problems in the story but when i take my winter break i am sure i am gonna make a move about it, thanx for asking , wbu how do u do :slight_smile:


That sounds interesting. I just might have to check out your other stories. I myself am struggling with first person it seems. I’ve written in it but I don’t always add the necessary details or I add too many details. Sometimes though it does even out.

Nice, a lot of people seem to be going with that idea which is awesome. I believe that is about, what? 4-5 pages? I’m terrible at math and not too sure how many words equal about a page. But I’m also one of those people that will be writing more then 1000 words in one story, to move it along faster and because its so much easier.


Oh, no, I’m sorry to hear that. Well, when you decide to publish one give me a shout out. I would love to look at it. :blush:

I’m good. I’m slowly writing for the Novella contest, have one story that already hit the 2000 word mark but it really needs editing, plus some parts of it probably don’t make sense and I want to make sure to get to that before the end of the month. I also have another story that is about 3/4 of the way to the 2000 word mark, and I’m finding that one slightly easier to write but at the same time its lacking details.

I just… you know don’t know how to write what a space ship would look like lol Plus, can ships even get turbulence in outerspace? I hope so because I said they did lol


i will be pleasured to be related by your opinion :slight_smile:


Gee, thanks!

I find it helpful to visualize myself in the character’s shoes first. Then I filter it by applying the character’s personality.

I understand that. My chapters tend to be on the longer side (from 2k-5k words). I think this novella contest will be good practice to manage that.


This is not always the case. In First, someone else might be put in a position to remark on the POV characters looks, or the POV character might critique a photograph, or some details might be inspected in a mirror or pond reflection or storefront, but there is no impartial narrative presence to provide it.

However, it is rare that more than a few details of a character’s looks or dress need to be examined. Usually, one or two elements suffice, and details can be added by reminiscence, other characters noting further personal quirks of body or dress. It is usually best to leave a good deal of the image for the reader to imagine.

If you mean standing the character up before a wall mirror and describing Him/her I agree. But for the same “show the paper dolly and dress it up”. reason that applies, or should, to any work. Unless the character is a vampire, or has some fetish about mirrors, they should be used just as they are in any other story.


Of course, I love reading different stories from people. :blush: Might take me a while but I’ll get there lol

I try that but I try to visualize myself as them with the attitude they have. So you mean you place yourself in their shoes and then once that part is written you go back and place their personality into it? (Sorry if that sounds like a stupid question. Just want to make sure I’m understanding it.)

Oh, I completely agree with that. I’m hoping it’ll help me find the right length where I don’t add to much detail (or something else) but just the right amount.

Like a pinch of salt here, drop of milk, a piece of cheese and bam an amazing chapter on how to… do something lol Usually it’s like two handful of salt, forget the milk lets add vodka, and no one likes cheese so how about that thing could crazy, and bam… a chapter that is to the brim of overloading the reader and making no sense.


I understand the feeling! I have a lot of books in my reading lists and then there’s my Amazon reading lists, so it takes a lot of time to get through. Especially since I work full-time and I’m a part-time graduate student. But it’s nice when I can escape reality for a bit and get some reading and writing done :slight_smile:

Yup! I usually read the lines out loud to confirm that it sounds like something the character would say. It also helps me spot some of my grammatical errors :rofl:


I completely agree lol

Ya, that’s something I’m going to have to try. I don’t usually read my work out loud, don’t know why, but maybe it’ll helop me.


Hello everyone! How is everyone doing? :blush:


Hello! I’m great, amazing, kinda hyper with a tad but of salt on the side but hey, who doesn’t like feeling that way… Any-who, how are you?


I’m hoping to get some writing in. At least a couple of words is better than none.


That is completely true.

I got some writing done but I feel this urge to go back and re-write it because it feels lacking but I really want to wait on that part lol I believe in this story and want to get it done before I re-write any of it and possibly lose interest.


Pretty good. Staying up late to cram some homework in at the moment


That’s true. I try to write some more of my stories every day, although it usually turns into one gigantic update at one time XD


I’m at 525 words so far! :grinning: