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Yeah, I definitely recommend it ^^


You’re half way to half way!


Anyone willing to critique my blurb. I just posted first chapter. I’m sick at writing blurbs though.

All it took was a blink for all of her memories to be lost. She isn’t the only one. The whole world seems to have lost their memory as well. Standing in the middle of nowhere without a phone or ID, Papaya Pax was one the unlucky ones. With people around the world gaining memories back by physical triggers, Papaya is on the hunt for her true identity.

She visits new places, tries new foods, stares awkwardly at people for too long. Nothing seems to help.

That was… until the key to her locked memories, was standing right in front of her.


So my own personal opinion on the blurb is that it didn’t draw me into it.

Now there isn’t anything wrong with that as I don’t know if it would’ve been a story that I would normaly look at anyways but that being said I didn’t take a look at the cover and found that it’s really nice. I personally like the cover and that would’ve helped drew me in.

That confusingness above being said, I would’ve found myself in a fix about giving your story a shot before doing it.


Update time:

Currently have one book at the goal, though it will officially reach 2000 words on Monday! (Maybe updating Mondays isn’t a good idea. I’m used to doing it whenever I have a chapter down…)

On the down side, I’m still only 3/4s way though the other and while I’m not lacking in the ideas or how to take it I just been getting to distracted to write the chapter on it…

So, anyone caring to tell me how to not be so distracted? What do you guys do to focus on a story?


You could try listening to ambient sounds, like rain fall or a crackling fire. That always helps me concentrate.

I’ve written 280 words so far. I struggled so much with this story, but i think I’ve finally gotten it to a place that I’m okay with. Here’s hoping that I actually hit 2000 words before the deadline.


Y’all I just posted my second book for the contest! It’s at 500 words right now :smile: :heart: :heart_eyes:


At 1,400 words now. It’s been a busy week with work and grad school apps, but I’m trying to crank out at least 100 words every day :slight_smile:


I usually listen to Studio Ghibli soundtracks like these:

They’re pretty relaxing. I know listening to music with lyrics prevent me from getting anything done because I find myself jamming out to the music instead :rofl:


I’ll have to try that. Sometimes when it’s storming outside I find it peaceful so that might actually do something for me.

I believe that you’ll be able to make it! The words will fly on past without you even thinking about it soon…


Awesome! I’ll have to go check it out! Can’t wait to read it.


I feel you, I so do. I’m always think it’ll be fine but really, it’s not lol. But I’ll give them a check out and see how it works for me.

Also, awesome on the word count! Do you find it easier to do 100 words a day?


With my schedule, it is easier to do that amount every day. However, sometimes I don’t meet that amount, so I make up for it on the weekend.

I tend to spend most of Saturday and Sunday writing since that’s the most interrupted I get.


I now have four chapters rewritten, edited, polished and posted with a total of 5036 words, and I still have about 3000 words of rough draft to hammer into shape as I continue writing. This is decidedly different from my NaNo experiences, where I usually have 18 to 20K words drafted by this point, the eleventh day.

My writing routine has changed with having to adhere to the chosen prompt and to ensure the first 2000 words are polished. I am eager to see where this leads. Never too old to change. oldman


I’ve chosen prompt number 4 in the Romance section: Dangerous Love and I’ve written the first 2K words in a contemporary setting… however… although this part flowed nicely, I’m stuck on what happens next that’s going to involve 18K more words!
And now my Sci-fi side is nudging me to turn it into a sci-fi / fantasy adventure with romance …
What to do? Ideas anyone?


What have you got so far for the romance one?


Sounds interesting.

So you want to continue the story after the 2K words but find yourself stuck? That’s okay, I’ll try to help.

What genre are you righting it for? And I don’t mean the Romance section either as I don’t believe that jsut because you pick one in that section it has to nessaury invovle romance. (Just my own poor opinion.)

Aslo what Heedwards said, what have you got so far?

What other inforamtion do you have that can be shared with us? What other genres have you already started to add? (Fantasy? Horror? Adventure? Action? Just plain old Romance?)


I second this, plus there are other things you can do like the character noticing that their black nail polish is chipped or having another character comment about their new hair color or style. I will say there is one exception to the mirror thing. Laurie Halse Anderson did a great job in Speak with a mirror describing what Melinda looked like. The line I still remember is “a chewed up horror of a mouth.”


And @HEEdwards I’ve got to the point where the m/c wakes up to find his guest has left with no trace… now I have to decide the main thrust of the story… thriller? pure romance? action? hmm


I support you fully on taking it the Science Fiction way. Unless, of course you want to do pure romance, that’s all you lol

But to the point, it depends. Do you feel that you can bring a lot of action to the story as the writer? Do you envision meeting the mark quickly with this action? Maybe a few high-speed chases on snails? Snatch an young persons bag and the male has to detour from his mission to help out?

You said in your first post that your Sci-fi side was nudging you, I would suggest going with that part and mixing it with fantasy-adventure and romance. My questions can also be asked for this part. Do you feel that you can bring about a whirl wind of fantasy-adventure and romance that will keep us readers interested or even yourself entertained (as I fully believe that when someone writes a story they should focus on it making them happy and forgetting the others). Are there already things in the story that can help you with this idea?

Now for my final vote as I’m not sure the above makes sense, I’m all for the Science Fiction route. Go with your gut and keep us (cough me) informed lol Probably not all that helpful at the moment but I tried.