Open Novella Contest and more!


Hello, everyone! Its been a while since I was on here. (I was busy reading, and playing video games :blush:) Anyway, I’m about to start writing more words on my story. How is everyone else doing?


You’re welcome! And I guess you’re right because I’m now at 400 words. :slight_smile:


Hello! Writing is going slowly for me, but now that I have a few hundred words I feel more confident. How is your writing coming along?


That’s good to hear! :smile:

I’m almost at my first 1k! But I’m slowly trudging though it.


Well I hope it all goes smoothly for you.


Thanks. :smile:


I reached it! I officially at 1k ! So,that’s it for now ! I’ll continue on later need a break every and now then. :joy:


I’m kind of new to this Community thing, so please bear with me. :slight_smile:

I try to think of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books when I think of 2nd person POV. You do this. You do that. You look at this. You look at that. It’s like you’re telling someone what’s happening to them. Personally, I have trouble reading stories in this POV because I’d rarely do what they’re telling me I’m doing, which drives me nuts. :wink:

Yes, yes I am. :smiley: Just posted it last night, actually. I’m totally loving the story idea already.

I usually use 3rd person, but for this story I’m going with 1st person, Present tense - a combo I’ve avoided like the plague until now. It’s SO hard not to have POV breaks and accidentally slip into past tense. Ugh! But the feel is SO immediate that I just had to go with it.

Most industry professionals will tell you to avoid back story (info dumps) at all costs in at least the first chapter. I tend to sprinkle facts in, but even that is considered too much in the first chapter. Why? Because it kills your pace. And as a reader I agree, because if I pick up a book that fills the first chapter with history and descriptions, I don’t engage and often set it down and pick a different book. You need something that GRABS you! Find your favorite book that grabbed you, and read through the first page. How much description and back story was there?

Sorry to hear you got bad feedback on a character name. I’m a total geek when it comes to names. I LOVE them. As in, I have tons of notebooks stuffed in drawers and bins, and in the back of most of them are pages filled with all the letters in the alphabet where I just came up with as many names as I could think of for each letter. I also love to find those sites with what names mean, and find a name that means something in line with my character’s personality or goals. Yep. Total geek. LOL

[quote]> 6. When you find yourself stuck what do you do to fix it?
(I’m really curious about this one)

I can see why! :slight_smile: This is probably the most asked question among writers. Personally, I’ve found that if I’m stuck it’s because I don’t have the plot thought out well enough. I’m a pantser, which means I don’t tend to do a lot of plotting, but that makes it tough when you get to a point where you don’t know what’s supposed to happen next. When that happens I find it helpful to ask myself where my character(s) started out, and where I want them to be by the end of the story. So, for example, if my character starts out afraid of the dark, and by the end I want them to be a ninja, I have to constantly put them in situations where they are forced to do things in the dark and work through their fear. So I’ll ask myself, what are all the different situations I can put them in that does this? Then I list out as many as I can. The first few are usually throw-away (not always, just usually), but after that they start to get good. Creative juices are flowing. By the fifth or sixth you usually hit one that flips a light on so bright you can see possibilities of not just one scene, but several.

Wow, that got long. LOL Anyway, that’s my advice. Hope it helps! This is fun.


Hi, welcome! Completely understand, sometimes the community part takes a while to get used to. :slight_smile:

Oh, I understand what you mean. When I looked at a few sites that talked about the pov’s I believe one did mention “Choose Your Own Adventure”. I’m not good at those either so I don’t think I’ll be any better at writing second pov lol

Tha’s awesome! I’m going to have to check it out. Do you mind if I ask which prompt you picked?

I’m not very good myself when it comes to tenses. I usually don’t even notice them until they get pointed out lol But I believe in you and your story!

It does! Thanks a lot for leaving the comment lol


Good, got to the 2k mark and having one of the stories edited while I think about re-writing the other lol ya probably won’t happen but at least I “thought” about it.

Congrats! The next 1k won’t be anything for you lol At least I hope it wont.


That’s awesome!


Thank you and I hope so ! I might just finished this completely before camp NaNoWriMo cause this is one of my many side projects and when camp NaNoWriMo comes. I just want to focus on my main one that I actually want to attempt to publish. I started to write this main project during NaNoWriMo of 2018.


I’ll be cheering for you then! I’m not that good when it comes to completing a story, er not sure why but you sound like you have your mind set on doing it and that is awesome!


Aww, that makes me so happy. :smile: I think it’s cause out of all of my almost six years of being on wattpad. I’ve never truly actually finished a book from beginning to end and I would love to see that happen during the open novella contest Especially since a novella is like 20,00- 40,000 words. Since I’ve made it to 43k + words during NaNoWriMo. I just somehow I can do this!


Not at all! :slight_smile: I picked the GENERAL FICTION prompt #2 about overcoming something. Although I could have gone with a couple of others. I picked this one because my MC has to overcome her prejudices and hate if she’s going to survive.

Do you mind if I ask which one you picked?


Guys! I’m at 648 words. My chapters will be nice and short! I even made a cover and some aesthetics.

But the cover might change, I made like 13.


Wow, those are really well done!

That sounds like something I would do.


@kittyseia and @TAJoseph I did the same. There were a lot a wouldn’t be able to write anyway.

However, the funny thing is, I ended up doing one that wasn’t on my list. The same happened to me last year.


Oh, sounds interesting. I’ll defiantly read it when I get the chance lol It’s already in my library.

Of course not! It just depends on which story since I have two entered for it.

Isolation From This Nightmare is created from the Fantsitcial Genre prompt Gods of Death. With my take on what happens when one dies mixed with what they will have to do to overcome death and return to the life that was taken from them by a simple accident that could’ve been avoided.

It’s a work in progress with two main characters. A the moment I feel like I’m stuck on the route to take it and what challenges my characters will have to overcome. I mean I know what is going to happen next but I don’t know how it really involves the tournament or anything.

My other story, Star Runners, is created from the Speculative Fiction Genre with a mixture of three prompts that will play their own roles in it with the main focus being number 6) Star System. I already know how I can this one to end, what I want to happen, and how many of my characters die (spoiler: all of them) but I’m not sure about the details part. Science Fiction is a new genre that I’ve been only trying to write in the last month but I’m still unsure about most of anything involving it.

The story is mainly a work in progress when it comes to adding the right amount of details. How the ship looks if there is turbulence in outer space (there could be?) The way that the planet looks. It’s just, eh. But besides being able to describe things like I should I feel like I really hit the ball with this one.



I love the images lol