Open Novella Contest and more!



If you don’t mind, these are the other covers I made and liked the most.




Thank you!


The first one is my favorite out of those three, but all of them are well done.


I’m now in that rut of awkwardness, where you know where you want to go, but you gotta write something to get there…


I know that feeling.

You can also skip… I mean skipping sometimes helps and then going back to feel in the blank after you get the idea down can work. (I’ve done it but I never got back to filling in that large blank I left the readers…)


True. I might do that, but who knows.


I’ve written chapters out of order. It does help.


oh nice covers and aesthetics! :heart_eyes:

I’ve made one and here it is!


I really really like your cover lol


Finally got one of my stories edited (thank you to the person who helped with that) and I’m so not looking forward to writing more as I saw all the mistakes I made and know it’ll be just the same but I believe… Really really believe I’m improving a little.


Thank you SO MUCH , it’s been a while since I have made any graphic. So, I was very excited to make it.( I’m also very happy with how it turned out)


I’m so close to 2k :scream: I can’t believe that I’m like 722 words before i make it. ( of course i have to edit it and suck but I’mm happy to even make it that far. ) :smile:


Yay! Almost there. That feeling when you reach the goal will be so worth it.


It is,I’m hoping to get to 2k today and start editing tomorrow. (or at least what I know to self edit. )


Well then this is definitely the one. :slight_smile: Sometimes the gut just knows.


I completely agree lol


I decided to go with the sci-fi setting, rather than contemporary. Gives me a lot more scope for place and plot :slight_smile:


That’s awesome!

Have you started on it then? Do you find it easier to write than the other one?


I’ve slightly modified the two chapters I already had… I think it will be easier from here on :slight_smile:


Hello everyone , I’m only 300+ plus words from 2k . I’m hoping to finish it soon. :smile: How is everyone else?