Open Novella Contest and more!


Hello and congrats!

I’m a little over 2k, I just need to edit the second chapter.


It’s been pretty slowly getting there. But I’m glad that I haven’t quitted easily like I did with the first open novella contest. :confetti_ball:

Wow, that’s good for you! I’m still on my first .


I find word sprints and a good playlist helps keep me moving along. I definitely recommend it if you need assistance.

Thanks! I’m trying to keep one chapter to 1,000 words or so.


That’s what motivated me for NANOWRIMO. But , i don’t know who is still doing word sprints and I don’t have a playlist for this story sadly :sob:

your welcome. :+1:


Hmm what genre is your story?


I’m a bit late to the game as I didn’t know about the open novella contest till mid month lol. I like a lot of the prompts and it looks really interesting. I’ve never participated in a writing contest before so this is new to me. Ultimately picked a prompt I feel like I would probably never get to write about unless presented to me in something like this. Seems like it’s also one of the least picked prompts. I started writing last night and finished the first chapter.


I would have to say dark fantasy,…:worried:


Woo hoo! You go…that’s good to hear.




Mine is also dark fantasy. If you’d like I could link you some fantasy playlists I listen to.


Did you even have too ask? :slight_smile:



Haha alrighty then. I’ll send them to you later when I get off work ^o^


Okay and yay!


These are a few that I like listening to:


Thank you! This really helps.


You’re welcome, I’m glad it does :slight_smile:


I did it! I made it to 2022 words for my first chapter! Now here comes the most dreadful part…editing… :scream:


That’s awesome!!

Oh, editing is the worse. I wish you the best of luck on it.


Thank you! I’m probably just going to have each chapter at 2k words so I don’t get overwhelmed

Yeah, I’ll try to do the basics myself when I wake up and then I’ll probably have a second pair of eyes to look over it.


AAAAAH! I’ve finally written 2,680 words and 4 chapters. Right now I’ll just be editing it a bit and I’ll publish the first part hopefully today.