Open Novella Contest and more!


Ya’ll I’m almost to 2k on my second book! I just ave to finish my first chapter


That awesome! You made it to the mark, congrats! (Plus you have four chapters for us readers. So can’t wait.)

Editing is the worst… (Unless you enjoy it then its awesome? I dont editing lol)


Wicked! In no time you’ll reach it so can’t wait!

Did you reach that on your first book as well? (Sorry, I don’t remember and I’m not sure how far back it would be if you mentioned it!)




Yeah I did


Open novella has already done so much for my book, I can already tell I’m gonna make a sequal. (I can’t spell - mentally screams.)

Also hi all!


Wow, that’s amazing, a sequel! Hello to you too!


Unfortantly, I know my book simply can not be 40k words (I plan to leave it on a huge cliff hanger,) so my sequal is simply gonna be - well - heh, ending the people’s horrible will to hate me.


Thank you!


So I can’t decide on the tagline I want to use for my book poster. So I need your guyses help.

  • Never break a promise.
  • Always keep your promises.
  • Never break a vow.
  • Always keep your vows.
  • Keep your vows.

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That’s so awesome! Do you already have the first book finished then? (If so I’m so jealous lol)

Hi back at cha and welcome!


You had a few tough ones there but I like “Always keep your promises” the most!


Okay, so here they are. I’m not so sure about them.





Hmm, I like the first and second the best as they both give an interesting insight onto what the book is about


I also made new covers.




These are wonderful. I love the first and second one the most. :slight_smile:


i finally hit 2k in my novella The Darkest Dreamer. I posted a short prologue yesterday and I’m hoping to post the first chapter today. How is your novella coming along?


Congratulations! I hit the 2k a few weeks ago and now I’m trying to work past some writers block in order to get the next 6k


I absolutely love the first one


I have a good bit of it done, but I know 40k words will not be enough to fit the entire plot in one story.