Open Novella Contest and more!


All done! To not overwhelm myself. I will not be attempting to write all words at once I will attempt to a chapter at a time. Each chapter will be 2k words. So, I cannot wait to see how this goes.


Oof, I finally got another chapter posted! Only 5k more words to get to 8k…


New cover, who dis?

Cover credits go to @beforehours


It’s been a very busy time for me, but I finally got to 3k words! I’m going to try to get to 4k before the end of next week, but we’ll see how this week turns out ^o^


Okay, that is incredible


Love. Love. Love.


Ranking already! What!!?



The ranking system has been wonk the past two weeks and more. Stories with one or two reads top lists, while those with dozens of new reading list adds and hundreds of new reads do not appear. :thinking: Wattpad is aware of this glitch and is trying to rectify it.


Is there any chance you know about ghost-ranking?

I rate my book as Mature. When I scrolled through some of the tags to double-check if it’s in the system, neither my book and my ranking appeared. I even compared date of recent update, votes, comments and views and so on to all the books that had the same statistics as mine, and at some areas (like #shakespeare, where not many books are in), my book still not “existing” for the ranking.

I’m concerned for my book since I’ve heard that the Mature ghost-ranking thing is real (like, if your book is Mature then Wattpad filter system will automatically surpresses your exposure). I’m hoping someone who is knowledgeable with the ins and outs could confirm this.


Until the change to tag ranking, no Mature books were included in the Hot, Rising, or New lists, though they were allowed to be Featured. With the new system, they are included in the rakings, and I am not aware of any suppression. Possibly @nick could shed more light on this.


Thank you for answering :blush:


I don’t know what ghost rankings in relation to suppression are?

I think you mean when stories rank on the story but not properly in the list, which is a known bug. There’s no like special Mature rules that I know of which would give them a rank but not actually.


I think it’s the bug case, since it’s close to what I’ve.

Would it help you diagnose what is going on with my book if I give you the link to my book?


Nope, you have to submit a bug report to Wattpad. When you do, it sends along your device data so they can just take a look at what was happening and they’ll ask you for more info


Thank you!


Im joining


That’s great!


YAY! What prompt did you choose?


Alrighty, well other than stalking this and forgetting to reply to many of you often let’s get the ball rolling again (or not. I just wanted to say that lol).

@let_alpha_write That’s awesome! The more the merrier in the contest.

I’m also interested in the type of prompt you decided to write and how felt about as you put the words down for your story. Did it flow easily for you? Is it already finished or still a work in progress?


How’s writing going for everyone?