Open Novella Contest and more!


Slow. I need 5k more


I need about 5,000 more words as well. But it’s been pretty fun!


I haven’t even touched the story since hitting the 2K mark :joy: If I make it to Round 2, I’ll continue, if not, I’m going to pull it. I have too much to do to worry about it as well :joy: :joy:


I’m a little over 16,000 words, so I need to slow to not go over the 40K before the end of the contest.


Wow, that’s impressive!


It has picked up over 750 Reads and 600 Comments, so I am pleased.


Yay!! :clap::clap::clap::clap:




Yeah, it has been fun


I want to get it done before they announce who passes because i know i’ll stop writing it if i don’t make it and i really want to finish it.






I know, that’s what I was thinking XD


Being retired and completely independent helps. oldman


I have too much to do to write it alongside everything else xD Maybe I’ll revisit it later, but if I don’t make it, I don’t see the point in continuing :joy:


I got to the 2000 mark (little over) and haven’t touched the story lol Mainly because I also have so many other ideas buzzing in my mind that I can never focus on just one thing. Even if I don’t pass to the next round I know I’ll continue the story at some point


I’ve got about 12k done but maybe more. I haven’t kept a tally.

But the story is coming together fast. I’ve been reading back over what I’ve written so far this week.

I’ve read a lot of stories and the standard is so high this year. I think everyone has raised their game by 300% or more.

Hopefully, the stories will be finished. Last year, a lot weren’t even ones that got through to round 2 or beyond.


I’m somewhere around 4K total. My last chapter took forever to write, especially compared to the first three which I got done in like 3 days. I just wasn’t as motivated I suppose, which is actually really frustrating because I seriously want to write this story!

Of course, I’d love to win, but the one good thing about losing for me would be that I wouldn’t have to worry about a word count max. I don’t think I’ll max out, but at the same time I’d love to not have to worry about it, haha!


Anyone else nervous about the first round judging? I’m not sure what to expect with the amount novellas that will get through. Did anyone do this last year, and if so do you remember what the % through was?

In terms of word count, mine is finished at 35k - got it done in a month, which I’m pretty psyched about.
I’m starting editing this week to tighten it up/ combine/add a chapter here or there, and check that I’m hitting all my story elements.

Good luck everyone!


Last year, around 850-ish stories entered, I think (but that was based on tagged stories). I have two numbers in my head for how many made it through: 350 or 500. It’s been over a year since I read the numbers but that’s the ballpark. Then again, there’s no specific quota for how many need to make it through. I think if you clear the minimum score bar, you’re through. I think.