Open Novella Contest and more!


I’m way past 21 and a teacher. I make sure that I take some time to write every day. Sometimes it’s just 20-30 minutes but it keeps everything flowing.


I try to write every evening just a little and on my days off I try to write as much as feels good :slight_smile: I have a full time job, and have to work overtime from time to time too, can manage.

In fact, I initially started writing to make my brains stop stressing (to stop thinking work on my free time) out my stressful work, and it has worked like a miracle.


OMYWORD! They’re gonna announce the results of the first round tomorrow! I’m kinda scared and excited! But regardless, Imma keep writing this one, I got a good feeling I can enter it in NANOWRIMO, which would also be my first time doing that.


Where is everyone getting this news? XD


The profile sent out an announcement this morning.


And of course idiot me missed it. Thanks!


I might not be able to finish this one, as the story in question reached its natural conclusion. And a bit busy constructing my fictional language to write a story in at the moment, which may have to wait till the next Open Novella period.

That both uses this fictional language, but also goes into the history of that language.


Also well past 21 lol. Do you have a commute? (One where you’re not driving, that is!) I’ve found that writing on the train on my phone is one of my most productive times. For some reason the phone offers less distractions for me. I use the Google Docs app.

Sometimes I carpool to non-work things with people just so I can sit in the passenger’s seat and type.

Other than that it’s evenings, lunch breaks, and weekends!


I carpool with someone. Unfortunately, I get severe motion sickness on various modes of transportation, cars, trains, buses, etc.

I’ve just been writing when I can during breaks and the weekends.


No it’s was totally tucked into about 20 announcements I had come through in the morning and I almost passed it by as well.


Congrats to everyone who made it! I saw a few of your names! (thoigh i didnt look for everyone haha)






I was so sure that I wasn’t going to qualify and that no one would get my spin of the prompt I chose


Congratulations to all of you who made it to the next round :tada::tada::tada:
I made it too! Yaaay :grinning:


Yay! Now it’s just a rush to the finish


Indeed. Congratulations to you btw :+1::grinning:


Thank you! I’ve decided I’m not continuing, but I’m gonna be here to support everyone else :slight_smile:


Oh, I’m sorry to know that. At least you tried it :blush:
And it is so nice of you to continue supporting :two_hearts:


Congrats to those that made it to the next round!

To be honest, sitting in my chair didn’t prevent me from almost falling over in excitement :rofl: