Open Novella Contest and more!


As Namiar said, this thread isnt really for link but I encourage you to share you story without the link. Giving a title and a brief summary would do.


Good luck! :blush:


Thank you :slight_smile: Did you make it? haha Im horrible at remembering past conversations so my next question might be a repeat. And if you entered can i know the name of the story?


Well thank you for your support…
Aaisha Singhal; a girl all the way from India whose life is undoubtedly like a roller coaster ride. She is boiling the ocean to -

  1. Dodge her dark, shadowy and vague PAST
  2. Keep her promise for the FUTURE.
    Her attempts take her to USA. Find out what happens when she come across The High School’s Fun Loving Personality: Simbal Carter. Does she cross her path with her past? Is able keep her promise? Simbal proves to be her backbone or breaks her already breaked heart? Read out and be the part of this ride…


I believe in you! lol and I usually talk to people or use word wars for motivation.


Ya…Finally made it…


I’ll keep that in mind… Please do read and reviews are welcomed…thanks for support


Yes, I did make it to round 2 and submitted for the 8K mark already, a week ago or so :blush: so just waiting for the results for now. The story is called FAN X SERVICE. I have already written it completely, ended up around 25K words, and have published for like maybe 18K now.

I’m a coward so I’m going to publish the whole thing before the next results are out, just to not lose motivation if I don’t make it to the next round :sweat_smile:


Oh, did you join the Novella Contest to? If so, is it the book above that you listed?


Well just started writing my first book …So thanks for telling about this contest…let me explore what it is…:slight_smile:


It sounds interesting! Everyone over here completing their stories and Im staring at y’all amazed lol

Isnt that more of a brave move though? You’re showing everyone that even the results cant stop you from finish publishing before the deadline. They just dont need to realize the true reason behind it lol


Ah, congrats on it being your first book.

The contest happens about once a year, at the beginning of January, and this time I believe it ends around march/april (dont quote me on that.) Round 1 already passed, with a few amazing winners. I believe someone who tied for 1st appears often in this thread (more then me lately lol) but all the stories that Ive looked at have been pretty decent. Round 2 ends in 12ish/13ish hours and the winners wont be announced for maybe 2 weeks.


So we need to submit a complete story for the contest?


For everyone who made it to the second round they are required to have at the minimal of 8k words done today. Some have already completed their Novella stories, some have not (im in the group who hasnt).


Nice one…may you complete it soon :slight_smile:


Thank you haha But there are plenty of amazing contests on the forms if that is something you are wanting to give your hand at.


ohh sounds great…all the best to you too


Well, if you put it that way :sweat_smile:


I would edit your posts where you advertised your story. If the mods see that, they will mark it as a strike against you since it’s against club rules to advertise outside the SYS threads.


I wish I was done. I’m working on four stories at the moment with two of them set for publication in the summer, so I need to get them done and send off to my editor. The novella contest was meant to be a nice distraction, but now it’s turning into stress (and I should probably stop hanging out in the forums and get busy instead, lol)