Open Novella Contest and more!


But what’s amazing is that you have four stories going on at the same time! Wow. I just have two, my main work and the open novella entry, and I’m already distracted from the main thing so bad I can’t even… So I seriously don’t know how you can handle it :sweat_smile:


Writing depends on my mood, so there are days where one of the stories is calling out to me and others are just dead. The next day, it could be something else (or a brand new idea).

My problem is that I would probably abandon half of them if I didn’t have pressure or weren’t working toward some type of deadline. And WP pressure helps more than editorial deadlines, so I’m actually thinking of publishing the other story I’m stuck on.


You can read this chapter for more info-


Thanks and sorry for posting that here…I really had no idea before…:blush:


You don’t have to apologize to me. I just don’t want you to get a strike :slight_smile:


too nice of you…Thanks…


Link was really helpful…thanks


I just have 2,100 words left! Also like I think I posted like five chapters in the past couple days lmao


Are-are you even human?
Four stories at the same time??? :fearful:


I can see this seems a bit difficult.
Basically, you can only post links and ask for reads (you can’t ask for votes at all) in the Share Your Story threads.
There, you have to choose one genre (like chicklit) where you advertise your story. You cannot advertise in more than one sub-thread UNLESS you have more than one story. If one is short story and one is adventure, of course they can go into different clubs. If they are all in the same genre, they ought to be put into one ad.
Critiques, edits etc you can find under Story Services. If you are ever in doubt, there#s an ask the Amb thread, in the café

I hope this helps…

Lina - Community Ambassador


You can do it!! :woman_technologist:


In the middle of editting my story. I am going to make it!


Well, I am done submitting my story.
Time to go to sleep now :joy:


I’m super excited! I’m in the process of writing the rest of my story so I can have it finished before the last deadline. Even if I don’t make it through to the third round, I’ll be happy since my entry was selected for the Ambassador Picks reading list.

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked this hard on a story, it’s exciting but also nerve-wracking! I think the deadlines really help push me to do more, so I’ll most likely participate in any future contests ^o^

Good luck to everyone else!


Wow, congrats on getting in the Ambassador Picks! :blush: Good luck!


Thanks so much :smile:


Wow that’s awesome about getting selected! Great job!


Thank you ^^


I missed the deadline :frowning:


Oh, I’m sorry