Open Novella Contest and more!


Wow. Congratulations!

Just one question, please: what’s the Ambassadors Picks? :sweat_smile:


Aw. There there. *pats you on the shoulder*
It’s OK ):


Oh I’m so sorry! That’s the pits. Hugs!


You and me both.


It’s fine


Gives you a hug


It’s fine Gives hug




@heiress-of-slytherin Tried PM’ing the profile and tell them that you missed the deadline 'coz you miscalculated the time? :slight_smile:


Thanks! It’s one of their reading lists.

They selected, I believe, 32 other stories that they thought were interesting and placed them in that reading list. I don’t exactly know what criteria was used for it nor did I expect to be included since I know there were other really great entries. I just woke up one day and saw that they added it.


That is so cool! :smiley:


Yeah! It’ll be nice to add to my reading lists once I finished the current books ^o^


Oh . . . I did not realize that this thread was a thing. Hello :blush:


Hello. Enjoying Card Painter so far!


Ah, thank you!
Some of your comments on there had me dying :joy:


I’m mainly in the ONC for the lols. The whole thing seems to be taking itself a bit too seriously so far.


Yeah they said to pm another person so I did. Im about to check to see if they replied


It’s not that, I just had workloads and still do, even if they extended it, I wouldn’t make it. But hey, all is good! I still get to read a bunch of great stories and finish my own.


I mostly joined for fun, honestly. But I also wanted to force myself to finish a full length work (even if it is a novella) because I have the time management skills of a sloth and I procrastinate like there’s no tomorrow :joy:


This is so relatable haha. I’m not even expecting to get any further, just needed the deadlines to motivate myself. It’s like magic, now there’s a novella!