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@Nablai I’m in Ireland, the main problem to Brexit. The northern part of our country is ‘power shared’ by the UK and Ireiand. They want out of the EU. We don’t.
They want a border. We don’t.

So there doesn’t appear to be a solution.

@authorhlumelo My writing is combined with watching TV and in bits and pieces. The weather has been bad here for the last few days so I’ve been going okay. The story is flowing well.

I haven’t done any editing - and from now on, will concentrate on sprinting to the end.


According to reports in the Times of India, most people don’t want Brexit. I’d prefer a no-Brexit, tbh.

My best wishes for your story :slight_smile:


I’m in the same boat. I’m only 11k words in. I’m trying to do 1k words every day since things have slowed down outside of work.

I feel like it may go over 20k, but even if it does, I’m not too worried so long as it’s something I can be proud of.


I’m currently at 31.3K words, and my next chapter will be the major confrontation which has been building in the background for more than 25K words. I still have more than 8K words remainig in my budget to present the clash of wills and goals and to find a resolution, then to tie things together in a denouement. Such is the habit of a pantser.


I’ve lost track of where I am word count wise but have 12 chapters now all just under 2k words - so probably around 23k written.

I’m over 20k anyway but have to get to an ending.


I keep a spreadsheet of the count for each chapter, with a formula for the running total.


I do that for everything I write too, I always wondered if it was overkill…glad I’m not the only one!

I didn’t actually start posting until I had a full first draft. I think that is overkill. But I also think I have slight OCD.


Mine is far more than slight. :sunglasses:


Lol, this is kind of funny. In a way I’ve done both - though not a prequel - just the first book in what shall become a series.


I spreadsheet afterward to analyze and help with editing. I’ve not been able to do it before hand though.

Your chapters must be shorter if you have 25 and are only at 31k. Do you keep each to a single scene?


Thanks, Mary.
Oh, man. I need more time :S


*le gasp* oAo
How did you know? Well, crap. Does that mean I didn’t write something special?
Ah, forget it. You don’t have to answer that. I just thought not a lot of people would do that.
Where did you read that?


Damn. Well, I’m guilty of #2 :joy:


Saw it with last year’s entries and now this year’s as well. It’s not a bad thing. I think because of the nature of the ONC, people approach it as an opportunity to experiment and/or expand on their established works. It’s certainly easier than fleshing out a new world that you can only dip into for 20k words. I’ve done it both years.


Well I’m kinda guilty of 2 :sweat_smile:


I mean it makes complete sense. Why not use a cool competition to flesh out your world and characters?


In this story, the chapters average about 1250 words, and they are often a single scene, though sometimes two or three. My writing is compact and multi-layered, and I am told there is more content in my short chapters than in many much longer.


Totally off-topic, but are you the same person that joined Rebel_Town yesterday? I remember chatting with you on Slack. I’m known as Nab over there :slight_smile:


Yes I am! I remember you, too, I see you all the time around here :slight_smile:


Hahaha. I did not attempt both! Only one.