Open Novella Contest and more!


:dancer: Dances around :dancer: I’ve finished my story!!! At least, on my laptop. Still have to recheck the last two chapters before posting. I’ve gone about 400 words over the 20K - I wanted the judge(s) to be able to read the ending for their 20K milestone, rather than being stuck hanging over a cliff… Now I’ll be able to catch up with some more reads from other contestants!


Congrats @elveloy I’m so looking forward to seeing what happens to Harlan and Patrick.

Yes. I’ve 2 more chapters which I sort of drafted today. If I get to round 3, I’ll finish at the end of Writersretreat and then at a later date, add 6 more with how they’re getting on afterwards.

If I don’t get to round 3, I’ll just continue on until I reach my customary 20 chapters.


Yay, I just reached my 20k milestone, but still no ending, but close. Maybe in four more chapters.




You can do it :+1:


Congratulations on completing your story :slight_smile:
@MaryFahey @eliyeda All the best :slight_smile:


Thank you! The sad part is that the judges, unless extremely hooked, won’t be able to see my twist ending!!! which actually uses one other prompt from the contest. Oh well, at least they’ll stop with a good hook, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can entirely see how that is true. I know with my chapters (which have been ~2k) are very description-heavy, which in turn limits how much plot I get in. I did intentionally choose a prose-heavy tone for my story, but it does severely limit how “much” I can get into a chapter.


Congrats!! I haven’t even written halfway through :sob: I’m going to be limited by the fact that the judges won’t get to read the ending . . .


I’m nearing my ending now as I write chapter twenty-six, the start of the crux confrontation which has been building since chapter five. I see three or four chapters beyond this, bringing the end at about 39.5K words.


I think the judges only read until 20k words though, regardless of whether or not the story itself goes to 40k. I’ll make the 20k mark, but my story, like yours, will likely be closer to 40k.


I think you’re right. That’s why I’m limiting mine to 20K. Maybe I’ll add to it at some point in the future, but at least I want a valid resolution for the contest.



I finished my ONC 2019 story! And posted the last two chapters… I was going to stretch them out over a couple of days hoping to increase my rankings but… I’ve given up on those. If I cant get higher than 278 out of 764 with over 2K reads and 500 votes, I don’t know what more I can do!


Congrats!! Good job :relaxed: Little ole me still needs to publish 10k words.

Yeah, rankings are bs. I don’t pay attention to them. When they aren’t glitching, they’re inaccurate. I really don’t understand how the algorithm works, but I haven’t found much use in them anyhow :joy:


I feel your pain :broken_heart:
That’s really depressing because I’m also sure they won’t get to read my twist at the end. Oh, bummer. I have a thing for stories that end on a big plot twist.


Hey that’s a great idea. I think I’ll do that too. I need to try hard to shorten the story though while it still makes sense afterwards.


YAAAY. CONGRATS! :tada::tada::tada:


Me too. Rip :joy:


Screw ranking, I just want people to read my story :rofl:


I know!! My book won’t even appear in any ranking list, even if it is ranked… which for some reason is almost never. I wrote to Wattpad support, apparently they’re dealing with it. In the meantime I guess I’ll just focus on finishing the story and then think of ways to promote it. At least I have one loyal reader. And she’s the one that’s been inspiring me to finish the novella.