Open Novella Contest and more!


@comedyxtragedy @ereehu and @eliyeda A major plot twist in mine is dependent on the eccentricity of the rankings!!

I’m :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Spoiler. One of my characters is convinced they’re determined by the phases of the moon.

Hopefully, I’ll get a chapter posted today or tomorrow and then I’ll bite my nails and see how to proceed. ( I can finish with one more or continue until my usual 20).


Finished my novella, with a total word count of 31,581 words!!! It is my first ever finished book on Wattpad and out of Wattpad. So I’m super happy! Even if I don’t make it to next round, I have a finished book. ^^


Congratulations!!! I’m on the same boat :smile: As in my open novella entry being the first finished thing on my profile.


The feeling is wonderful!! Well, let’s see how it goes for the next round. good luck!


Good luck to you too :relaxed:


Congratulations, @eliyeda I am still three or four chapters shy of completion at 32.4K words. But the end is in sight.


Congrats!!! That’s my goal for the contest as well. I just want to complete a book. But unfortunately, I’ve yet to make it past 10k words. My procrastination will one day destroy me :joy:


Lol this is hilarious. I really need to read this.


Congratulations! My novella is also my first finished “book” as in more than a picture book. It feels so good. All the high fives!


Hi all, does anyone know when the round 2 results are out? it’s this week, isn’t it?

I think round one came out midweek.


It’s Week 11 and 12 :slight_smile:


I’m kind of hoping it would be midweek like last time :smile: Though I think I’m not stressing that as much as last time since my entry is already finished and will stay that way whatever happens with the contest :slight_smile:


I don’t know if anyone has answered this yet, but you really shouldn’t write in second person.
Talking to the reader can be fine, depending on your tone/narrative, but I don’t think very many second-view books go over well.

If you are just looking for a different kind of voice/narrative to stand out, do first-person present-tense.
Make sure you don’t mix it up while writing, though… inconstant tense/narrative is the number one reason I DNF wattpad books.



Hm, someone mightve but I dont think they have.

However, why do you say “you really shouldnt”? Ive read second person before and done the right way it turns out amazing. And its more then just something new because I write 1st amd 3rd person, sure my tenses are trouble but that isnt really the same as changing to something different and new. Plus, writing in second for me isn’t about my readers but what I want to do foe myself. I dont write for people but myself.


I think it works for some people. But for me, it’s mostly just distracting.

“I ate a sandwich. It was the worst thing I’d ever tasted.” - 1st
“She ate a sandwich. It was the worst thing she’d ever tasted.” - 3rd
“You ate a sandwich. It was the worst thing you’d ever tasted.” - 2nd

See how the last one is different? I kept the wording the same, but the second-person point-of-view is a command, not a statement. It’s even worse in present tense:

“I eat a sandwich. It is the worst thing I ever tasted.” - 1st
“She eats a sandwich. It is the worst thing she’s ever tasted.” - 3rd
“You eat a sandwich. It is the worst thing you’ve ever tasted.” - 2nd

Here, it sounds like mind control. :joy::joy:

Hey. If you want to write 2nd person, don’t let me stop you. But just know, going in, that it doesn’t pan out most of the time and keep an eye on it to make sure it stays consistent.

– Oh, and as a sidenote: for sure don’t write your book in second-person future tense. (“You will eat a sandwich. It will be the worst thing you’ve ever tasted.”) That’s just a disaster waiting to happen.


{insert some apologize here as i was actually wrong, ooops}


I know. I was mostly just using those to remain consistent and casual.
I don’t think I use them frequently outside of dialogue, depending on the tone of the book I’m writing.
But thanks! <3


How many people here have finished their novels already?

I’m treading along slowly around 13k…work has become chaotic again so I’m trying to push through.


I’m still pantsing toward the closing, currently at 28 chapters and 35.2K polished, fine-tuned and posted words. Getting close. I foresee only three chapters to go.


Wow, that’s great!