Open Novella Contest and more!




I will add my congratulations to this long chain. :clinking_glasses:
Best of luck to all. :champagne::clinking_glasses:


We change our time here on 31/3.

Yes. It always throws me off for a week or more - so I better make sure to be finished by then.


I didn’t make it :frowning:


Continue writing. Don’t stop because of this. :hugs:


I’m so sorry! Hugs!


Congratulations to everyone who made it through! :clinking_glasses::champagne::tada::raised_hands:

For anyone who didn’t, remember to keep going as long as your story makes you happy and you enjoy writing it. That is the number one priority, not what anyone else says.


It’s fine Gves you hug


I won’t stop writing


I’m… Shocked that my entry made it to the next (final?) round :scream: I only started writing in English last fall… So, I thought I wouldn’t make it through the first round yet here we are.:exploding_head:

Guess I’m off to making some final tweaks and resubmitting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also, congrats to all that made it to the next round :partying_face:


I’m also confused if this is the final round or not, hahaha! Can someone explain to me what are shortlisted and such… are we shortlisted or long listed or nothing listed???

Also, for general knowledge, is it penname or pen name?? (None native English speaker problems)



I’m so late to this, but congratulations and a good luck to all who made it to the next and final round. For those who didn’t make it, don’t stop the book. Keep going and finish it because you’ll be proud in the end.


"Oh, say, how much milk was that? ‘’
“Ooh, about a mouthful.”


Last year, at the end of round 3, they picked 35 finalists - and then, a couple of days later, five runner ups out of the 35 and an overall winner. (@authorhlumelo with Siggi)

I got to the last 35 but not beyond that with Once A Prince. Not having finished it probably worked against me as the final 5 were all complete.

I’d say pen name.


Well, in first POV its a bit harder since the protagonist is the narrator, but people can comment on your looks here and there, for one reason or another, Sure , you can look at a reflection. People actually do that, you know, own mirrors and stuff. Here’s a few exerpts from a first character I used, and ways his description firmed up. I dont believe in full descriptions much, to much of dress-up-barbie is just no good. Let the readers dream…

I put the cube aside. Its been a long day and I’m greasy. Bald guys hate greasy. It builds up on the dome, makes you feel crawly. There’s a gilded oval mirror on the wall and a towel on the coat rack by the door. It’s been a bad day. I check my reflection in the mirror, looking for any new damage – that kind of day.

Grey eyes water back at me. Still in my late thirties, the bald thing, a gift of genetics. A scar crosses my dome from front to back, where a part was, when I still had hair. A gift of some creep I had words with once. Not my only scar. It seems a little angry. I jerk the towel from the coat-rack, wipe my grimy face and hands on it. The wipe down will have to do for now. No water around, except from the dispenser jug near the desk. Cheap office.

He comments on his dress a little here:

The Bonn makes its money off out-of-town tax evaders waiting to see the accountants at the Ardmore, a hefty convention trade, and the rare tourist. Not so great a business that they worry about little things,like guests without luggage. I register for a small room. The clerk eyes me briefly; offers a reasonable rate. My Mac isn’t a really good match for the sports-coat, and the fedora matches neither. Isn’t hard to peg me for a local. Even so, if this didn’t lead me to paying work, I was going to ask Mic for some of the 100 Cr back. I shower up as soon as I hit the room. Feel like a peeled egg after, and fall asleep on the clean sheets.

A bit later his co-worker MICAIN adds this:

As a machine, this makes little sense to me. Why hang around muddying up the crime scene? What if someone else had come into the office? Did they think they would get a different detail file if they could stare directly at my vid sensors when I produced it? People.

Anyhow, Wander stomps his diaper-pants way across the reception room, briskly motioning me to follow, and we leave the station.

So, Discription, you just work it in, where it makes sense to do so.


thanks for letting me know!!! let’s see how it all unfolds. boy, just 35, that’s crazy! i think we are at least no less than 100 writers right now, right?


Whoo Hoo! :champagne::cake::rocket::tada::fireworks::champagne:

Congratulations to everyone who made it through to Round 3… and commiserations to those who didn’t. Well done for giving it a go! ::tada::tada::tada:


Almost 500 people made it past round two. I’m not quite sure how they’re going to narrow down round three. I suppose there will be a lot more people who don’t make the 20k mark, but to have a short list of just 50 books, that would be just 1/10th of those who made it through to the last round. That’s a much larger jump from narrowing by 1/2.

I’ll be interested to see how many they shortlist.


i know… it sounds like a heck of a hard job. Like you say, maybe they’ll expand the number for shortlisted. But still, the competition is hard.


Ugh. That’s so nerve-racking. I’m a bit behind with my book, and I don’t think I can wrap the whole thing up in 20k words . . .