Open Novella Contest and more!


As mine got rolling, I saw the same, and for the past many weeks, I’ve been trying to keep it under 40K. I’m currently working my way through 38K as I draft the final chapter.


10k to go for me! Should be no problem. I can do about 1k per day. It may not be perfectly edited but I’m mainly just doing this for fun.


@HM_Braverman An awful lot didn’t get to the 20k last year.

I’d say the same will happen this time. If you’ve only 8 done at this stage, it would be hard to make up ground unless you’re a fast writer.

I’d only around 8 done at this stage last year and barely made the 20k.

Also as we all know starting a story and even the first half is often the easiest.


How interesting, for me it was the contrary. I flew through my last chapters, and struggled with my first half. But I see your point, it’s true for my other story.


@eliyeda I’m finding this one easy to finish up too. I’ve just drafted the last 2 chapters while watching today’s news.

I suppose when the ending is hard, it means something earlier is off. (My last one was like that and I should have known).

@HM_Braverman It will be interesting to see how many out of the 500 go to 20+ by the deadline. That’s a big jump and we’re also meant to have them completed.


I’ve been getting into a steady flow these past couple of days. I’ve only got 5,449 words left to reach the minimum, but I think it will end up going over. I have the ending planned out in my mind, just need to write it all out ^^

Though good chance it’ll change since that’s how it turned out with the recent chapters :rofl:

I was thinking of getting it all in a Word doc and doing track changes for editing because I’m thinking of adding some scenes in, not sure yet. How do you all go about editing?


That’s awesome, you’re so close! :smiley:

I do the same but with Google docs. It’s so useful! I also use the comment feature as I read out loud to make notes to come back to.

If a whole chapter needs rewriting, I usually copy and paste it into a new blank document and just start doing surgery on the few lines I want to keep and write around them.


I’m sure I’m the weirdo here, but my many years of last-minute writing and formatting auction catalogues as print-ready files, has me still writing in an incarnation of Adobe PageMaker. I write in InDesign, formatting print-ready pages as I go. My editing is through scouring the story in four different views, the varied formats making each one new to accustomed eyes. Every three or four chapters, I read the entire story from the beginning to look at characterisation and continuity, as well as flow and appeal, and since I’m a pantser, to lead me into the next scenes.

As I said at the beginning of this, I’m the weirdo here. oldman

Oh, and as an addendum, I am currently drafting the ending with 1421 words left to not go over the 40K.


Thanks! I’m doing my best. I’ll get the house to myself tomorrow so I’m going to take full advantage of the silence while I can ^^

As strange as it sounds, I don’t like editing my writings in Google Docs but I don’t mind doing that for requesters. I don’t know, it just doesn’t display in a way that I’m pleased with.


That is so true. That’s one reason I got mine done by the end of January. If I wait too long to finish drafting my interest starts to fizzle.


Ive been positing chapters about this in a book I have going on my profile called The Perfect Story. I’m using a variety of methods to analyze and edit my novella - including The Story Grid.


You can do it!


And you also forget what you’ve written. That happened to me on my last one that took six months.

Then it’s easy to go into plotholes.

I’m reading over mine before I publish my last two chapters. I wrote this quick but I still may have missed some bits I should have tied up or foreshadowed.


Yes I really need to go back and foreshadow a couple things potentially, as well as tie up some glossed over oddities in the ending.


I read over five chapters earlier today and spotted a few things.

Also, it reminded me of a few issues I needed to resolve in my final 2 chapters. At least with the week extension, we’ve time to do that.


I have my penultimate chapter drafted and laying on the dissection table. At the moment, it leaves me with 541 words for the brief closing chapter. All appears well. Very well.


Yeah - your story is in ship shape (pun intended):joy::joy::joy:

I’m still drafting my last 2 and going back over the rest.

I filled in the form last night as I’ve over 20k done anyway and was afraid I’d forget. Have any of the rest of you done that?


Yep. I’ve submitted. I’m glad they don’t start reading until the deadline because I’ve got several changes to make in some middle chapters for pacing. I’m glad about the deadline extension for sure.


Thank you, Mary. Since I am so close to it, I’m going to see if I can do the classic drabble thing and end up at exactly 40,000 words.


Done! Thirty-three chapters and 39,994 words to a fine ending with six words to spare. My second prompt is fulfilled in the opening and concluding chapters. :clinking_glasses: