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hope loner vibes glory links of love fifth column poster 21 chump street honey NEW TITLE all the boys american girls crazy angry monstrous follow fcl friends in holy spaces princess pocket some nights talker the good, the bad and the dirty what the heck i gotta do


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:white_check_mark: @dreams_i_have | cover
:white_check_mark: @angestria | cover
:white_check_mark: @EncryptedWriting | GIF footer
:white_check_mark: @Gryffindir_Demigod | normal banner
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Title: Growing Pains
Subtitle: n/a or anything you feel is suitable
Author’s Name: astrxphoria
Genre: general fiction/teen fiction (some steamy scenes but mostly about anxiety and self-discovery)
Ideas: I’m not sure tbh I went for someone holding withered flowers in the cover I made below and I initially wanted to to something a bit darker and luminous but since I was trying my best to use free resources as much as possible, it turned out otherwise.
Inspo: This is my current cover but I think it doesn’t represent the story well. A friend told me my book sounds like it’s based on many of the Mitski songs so you might be able to draw inspiration from that.


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Your covers are absolutely amazing and I want one but feel free to prioritize the people who don’t have covers yet c:

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That cover is really pretty. :slight_smile: I need more ideas, though. I think a simple cover will fit your story, but what do you want to see on the cover? Wilted flowers again? A lonesome girl? A couple?

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I’m really not sure yet xD

Can I come back after more of my story is completed? Maybe I will have a better idea then

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That’d be much better. Hopefully, the shop will be open until then :slight_smile: For now, best of luck on your story! :sparkling_heart:

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Title: Cryo (working title so far)
Subtitle: (none as of yet)
Author’s Name: dreams_i_have
Genre: Sci-fi
Ideas: current idea is a winter scene with a boy appearing indifferent to the snow falling on him. The reason I thought of this is because the boy had his brain originally cryopreserved the body is of a clone. The story is set in the future btw
Inspo: I got none I’ve been searching for days :joy: anything winter/snowy
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Q: is it okay if I came back to you if I changed title/ thought of a subtitle?

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More poeple need to see this because these covers are beautiful!

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Title: A Drop of Beauty
Subtitle: n/a
Author’s Name: Angie J.M.
Genre: fantasy
Ideas: I’m thinking something more title based and since it’s fantasy, something geared towards that genre. I’m thinking kinda a more blue-ish background with the outline, swirl things that decorate the cover. I kinda want something that’s a bit darker. So like blues and greys and stuff. Maybe try to add in 3 dresses if you can, in any colours. I don’t really need a person on the cover, but if you think that would be better, then maybe a girl with a fancy-ish dress with, maybe, a glow behind her? But I’m thinking more title based. I really like the covers/insp below so maybe something like those? Maybe something battle-ish in style? Like a sword as a main object and the swirls. I really like the decorative swirls. Anything goddess-like, too if you can. (Just a bunch of different ideas) Dresses, threads, and kinda wispy smoky things are a big part of the story. Another idea: a dress as a main object, swirl decorations and title?



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@dreams_i_have Oooh, okay. I think i have an idea for this. And sure! I’ll just save the PSD of your file so I can edit it when you’ve changed the title :smiley:

@AnnieRosebud :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: awww thank you so much! You and your team are doing an amazing job with the ONC this year.

@angestria I’ve not done a title-based cover in ages! Excited to do this one. :wink:


Thank you so much! I’m very glad there are so many positive reactions so far, makes up for the headaches we also get to deal with :joy:

Thank you ^-^ can’t wait to see what you can make out of it

Thank you so much for doing this!


Normal Banner /or/ GIF Banner
Character Name: Mallory Jones
Other Text: “Change is the only constant in life”
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Ideas: Can it have Zendaya in a polaroid kind of like your bottom two examples for the banners? Also, can the text of her names be maroon?
Inspo: The bottom Two of your examples
Are you an ONC participant? Yes

Can non-participants still request? Hey, Thor!

I love your covers and you’re really awesome for doing this! When I know for sure that I’ll update my onc and/or finish it I"ll have to come back here and request if you’re not closed by then.

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@AnnieRosebud Hahaha, I don’t envy you the pains of organizing, but it must be fulfilling to see your hard work pay off. You even got me, a very stagnated writer, to whip up a story on a whim. :clap: :clap: :clap:

@dreams_i_have no problem! :slight_smile:

@EncryptedWriting I love doing GIF requests! Accepted. And ooh, I love a dragon lore.

@Gryffindir_Demigod Accepted! Although, since I see that you’re requesting for a mystery/thriller, I assume you don’t want it as “cute” as the examples you mentioned?

@LauraAnnLee1 Hey, Lau! Sure, you can. Warning: I’ll be really picky with non-participants, though (as stated on the first post).

@StoryWritersNeverLie Aw, thank you! That’s so sweet. I hope you finish your entry. You can always come back. I might close from time to time, but I think I’ll keep doing this for the duration of the contest. :slight_smile:

Queue is now on post #5. I’ll start working my way down the list when I can. My trusty 5-year-old laptop is having screen problems, so let’s just hope the problem goes away so I can start on making graphics for you beautiful people. :wink: