s o t h i s i s m y b o o k c o v er [OPEN]

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Title: The Shadow Cast Over Me
Synopsis: I was fifteen years old and couldn’t remember anything from my past. All I could do was keep fighting and try to figure out what happened to me. A few years later I’m eighteen and have gotten use to life on the streets, but then I met a mysterious stranger. He offered me something I’ve never been given before; a chance. Little did I know that this opportunity would flip my world upside down, forever.
Description: I’d was think like a girl with long brown hair and if there’s anyway to make her eyes purple that would be awesome and she’s like back to back with a howling wolf and they’re surrounded by a dark forest.
Extra stuff you want me to know: N/A
Codeword: Illuminate

accepted :smiley:

Title: Class D
Subtitle (Optional): This is one fire they can’t put out.
Synopsis: Rayne has a new boss at her fire station, and it’s the guy her best friend used to sleep with. The only thing is Rayne hated the guy then, and she definitely doesn’t like him any better now.
Images (optional)/ Description of what you want the cover to be like): something that’s firefighter related? but not too steamy because it’s not like a very sexual novel. or just a simple romantic cover can do.
Extra Stuff you want me to know: i’d like to avoid faceclaims in the cover.
What was the codeword?: illuminate

Title: the body count
Subtitle (Optional): an open blog
Synopsis. An unknown person that goes by the username “God” created a blog where he implores readers to “confess” their stories of murder, assault, and violence so that he can “absolve” them of their grief. Navigate posts, comments, and a realistic online community to discover the truth behind the user God and the blog that attracted millions of readers worldwide.
Images (optional)/ Description of what you want the cover to be like): anything with a computer/ a dark theme/ a black figure/ blood. just something eye-catching. all of your covers are gorgeous and really engaging!
here is my placeholder, for a general idea:
Extra Stuff you want me to know: no faces are actually revealed, it’s just in a blog/ online forum format with some plot development and a bunch of scary, creepy stories.
What was the codeword?: illuminate

accepted and delivered

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accepted and delivered




Damn, you’re good. I love the second one. Thank you so much!!!

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Title: Inferno

Subtitle (Optional): N/A

Many years ago elementalists lived among themselves without any contact with the non-elementalists also know as ‘Meji’s’ a large war shook the four nations who used to live in harmony, greed and dominance had blinded the leader of the Fire Nation. This war led to the death of the Queen of the Earth Kingdoms death, the three other nations had realised what impact their powers had led to- the death of their sister.

Now, fifty years later, Elementalists and Meji’s live peacefully together. Well, almost, a group of powerful Elementalists ended murdering the queen of the Earth Kingdom out of hatred for her being a Meji.

Cecelia, the leader of there Earth Kingdom army decided to take things into her own hands, she made it her mission to restore the entire Earth empire since the heir of the throne wasn’t of age. Now Prince Lee is eighteen and ready for the throne, will Cecelia hand it over to him?

The daughter of the Fire Lord, Serenity makes it her personal mission to help Prince Lee reclaim his title, her and a group of newly formed friends travel from United City (which was created after the war, uniting both races) to the Earth Kingdom where she finds out the prophecy made about her did indeed come true.

(This is a rough draft but yeah, thats basically what its about)

Images (optional)/ Description of what you want the cover to be like): I was thinking something to do with flames/fire, or maybe something to do with all four elements? I’m fine with either, tbh. I left two pictures down below for you that I liked, maybe that would help? Anything thing similar to that would good as well!



Extra Stuff you want me to know: This is a fantasy book. It has a lot to do with fighting, war, being a hero, Kingdoms and stuff, there are dragons so maybe if you’d like, you could use a dragon in the cover photo? The name Inferno is a state very powerful Elementlists unlock after years of meditation.

Also, I love your work, your covers are so sick and you seem really nice as well. I read your story ‘Gilded Cage’ and I really enjoyed it

What was the codeword?: Illuminate

Title: Run, Sophia
Subtitle (Optional):
Synopsis: A young woman is running away from a controlling relationship and finds herself in the world of werewolves.
Images (optional)/Description of what you want the cover to be like): Maybe a young woman running in the woods? I’m open, but would like it to have a dark tone/style.
Extra Stuff you want me to know:
What was the codeword? Illuminate

Title: Southern Saturday Nights
Subtitle (Optional): N/A
Synopsis: Allyson Reed lives in the southern Bible belt where you always drink your tea a little too sweet, go to church every Sunday, and live for football season. Her parents have an image to uphold in their small town where everyone knows everyone. To their neighbors and friends, Allyson is the southern beauty queen who excels in school and volunteers with the church, but hidden behind closed doors she keeps her family’s flaws a secret.

When Allyson is accepted to the college of her dreams, one random encounter with the mysterious Daxson Winters challenges everything she’s ever been told. He’s everything she isn’t suppose to want, but can’t stay away from.

As the university’s leading wide receiver, Daxson is used to his name and face showing up on every television across the country, but there’s something he keeps hidden from the cameras-a deep rooted anger that lives inside his heart.

When Daxson’s therapist assigns him a new goal, he wants to complete it and move on like he has every time before. Then, he meets Allyson. He’s drawn to her sweet smile and big heart, but he also sees the pain inside her eyes. Daxson wants nothing more than to help her, and suddenly, the goal he made in therapy turns into something much more.
Images (optional)/ Description of what you want the cover to be like): This is so difficult for me. I love the idea of a southern sunset or southern landscape with a couple blended into the background which is what I am currently using… But the story does focus a lot on the two main characters being different races. If you have any other ideas of how to incorporate a black and white couple with still being able to establish the setting of the south, I’d appreciate them. I know some people are a lot more creative than I am!

Extra Stuff you want me to know: The female MC is white and the love interest is a black male. The setting is in the south (delta region). Thanks whether you decide to try it out or not (:
What was the codeword?: Illuminate

Accepted, don’t know if ill be able to use the top image because i’m 99% sure thats aurelia art from magic the gathering. I could be wrong though.



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do you have any premades?

Delivered I’ll also dm it to you to discuss any changes


Title:Center of Attention

Subtitle (Optional):

Synopsis: Welcome to Hollywood - where nothing is what it seems. A young man fantasizing about making it big in Hollywood got more than he bargained for. Two former lovers who had kept their relationship out of the public eye were forced to reunite for a movie gig. What’ll happen when a new roommate causes trouble for everybody involved? Relationships will be put to the test. Who can you trust in a place where everybody thrives to have success?

Images (optional)/ Description of what you want the cover to be like):I’ll leave it up to you :slight_smile: although I did want some kind of magazine, tabloid headline, or a tmz-ish thing if possible?

Extra Stuff you want me to know:

What was the codeword?: Illuminate