s o t h i s i s m y b o o k c o v er [OPEN]



Delivery! Let me know if you’d like any changes i’ll be dming these to you as wellMURDER


Wow. Both are striking–really grab your attention. I’m struck by both–if the first, maybe a little less blood, because he survives the bullet? If the second, would it be possible to put space between the “A” and “Stray”? Oh and also in my name Corr Michaels. Which do you prefer?

Thanks so much for your work–really awesome.


c1 corr%20copy

hows that?



Delivery! Let me know if you’d like any changes


Does the book/story have to already be published for me to ask for a cover?


Nope doesn’t need to be published


Wow, you’re quick. Both of them are great. I think I’m leaning toward the first one–the grass and flowers at the bottom are a great touch. I think we have a winner! Thanks so much–I’ll start posting the story tomorrow as I edit the chapters again.


Couldn’t find a person I was particularly happy with for the person part. But, this is a general idea I have.

I’ll dm it to you as well let me know if you have any changes :slight_smile:JulesRaina%20copy


Title: Through the storm
Author: Lila Thomas
Blurb: Ryanne is just trying to get along, but bullies stand in her way. The people at her school won’t do anything, no one at home will do anything, she feels trapped, until Theo.
Basic ideas: maybe a school hallway, with a girl who is facing away. (Like where you can’t see her face, she’s got her back to the camera.)

Thank you so much!




Title: In My Own Words
Subtitle (Optional): Poetry and other life lessons
Author: C.L. Queen
Synopsis: Its just a poetry book. :slight_smile:
Images (optional)/ Description of what you want the cover to be like):

I really like these two images, idk if there’s a way to blend them or not (I thought it might be cool if the tree looked like it was growing out of the moutains). But if not it’s no biggi
Extra Stuff you want me to know: Nothing much TIA if you accept. :slight_smile:




%20Queen poem2

Here are some ideas I have, let me know if you like them or have any input, or want any changes. I’ll dm these to you as well.


Thank you SO much! I love them both.


Title: The Forbidden Name
Subtitle (Optional): None
Synopsis: Vera is anything but ordinary. She left everything she had behind, including her brother, to protect him. Now, someone or something is after her and she doesn’t know what to do.
(I hope this is enough. I have little more for the moment :sweat_smile:)
Images (optional)/ Description of what you want the cover to be like):

Extra Stuff you want me to know: Not to my knowledge, at the time being.
What was the codeword?: Illuminate

I have one question. It says there was a “payment”, does the payment vary for each person? Because I don’t see a payment up there.



Also payment is under the covers


Also need a litttle bit of vision here. I’m guessing you want woods from the woods type pictures you put 1 and 2 and a woman/girl running from something. Did you also want the rose?


Title: Bytes of Passion

Synopsis: When Skyler hires a kidnapper to help her escape the people who are destroying her memories, she doesn’t expect her captor to be so damn sexy or smart. But she trusts him… until he hands her over to the terrorists who have been using her to assassinate the keepers of several biodomes.

Teegan would love to tell Skyler about her past, but that would endanger her further. While she travels from one terrorist-infested space station to the next, his desire for her grows. It’s hard not to admire a woman who is sweet, sexy and enticingly wicked with a keyboard. He’s fighting his feelings for her, and he’s losing. Now he has to hand her over to the terrorists who want to control her. But he has orders and the fate of millions are on the line. Betraying her was always part of the plan, falling in love wasn’t.

Images (optional)/ Description of what you want the cover to be like): Sci-fi/fantasy feel (it is sci-fi), it is also a romance. No alien beings. A sexy feel even if shirtless man. Color

Extra Stuff you want me to know: sci-fi, new adult romance, sexy story, sci-fi

Author Name: Echo Von Olsen (penname)

What was the codeword?: illuminate


─ This text has been written first in Spanish and then translated by Google into English, so it is possible that they may not be understood too much. ─

Title of the form: Ray Violence.

Subtitle (Optional): Diamond Heart (does not necessarily have to be placed, but can in certain ways, COLD)

Author’s name: Rossie Díaz

Synopsis: honest Honestly I do not have a synopsis for the novel, but I’ll try to summarize it, etc. (X-men Charles Xavier)

  • Charles has his life occupied in so many papers of his university, when his sister introduces him to a friend, which coincidentally was his competence. One day, the CIA interfered with his future plans to recruit him for a very important mission with Celine Summers and Raven Darkolme. Over time, Charles Xavier realizes that his feelings towards a certain summer chestnut were changing, like her, they both fell in love, leaving aside their wonderful powers. (FANFICATION)

Images (optional) / Could we talk in private (email, telegram, instagram)? since it does not let me publish the example photo :frowning:

Description of how you want the cover to be: I do not have a very clear idea, but I would like a girl (I do not know if you can, but it’s Lily Collins or someone similar to her, in the sense of brown eyes, hair and more), great (:wink: that she shows a lot of power, that is, the novel is itself a girl with uncontrollable powers capable of destroying the universe, I mean something like the image above, wherever you see it is very powerful, etc.

Additional things you want me to know: tell me, what would be better for you to know. :pensando:

In truth, if you manage to do it, I give you thousands of graces, you save my life. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :ojos del corazón:


Accepted :smiley:


I can private message you off the main website and you’ll be able to link the images there!

Accepted :slight_smile: