s o t h i s i s m y b o o k c o v er [OPEN]



Hello! I am doing a fanfiction of an anime called Deathnote. I am not sure if you do anime though.
Title: The Rise of a Fallen
Author name: bhavi_goku
Synopsis: Ever since Near defeated Kira resulting in the death of Light Yagami, it was believed that the world would go back to the way it was and the deaths of criminals would stop. Seven years later, criminals start dying again due to heart attack. A young man, named Igami Right is in the possession of the Deathnote, a notebook which can kill people. Highly intelligent, like the previous owner of the death note, the latest question is who would arise to be the victor.
Description of the cover: I want it to be of a dark theme, something that could signify mystery if that is possible. I also want my name in the cover
Extra stuff



wrong form ( I don’t mind that as much) and didn’t include the codeword of reading the rules. I do anime covers. Re-read the rules and use the correct form / add the codeword of reading the rules. (You would know I do fanfics, and I would specifically say if I didn’t anime or not)

Thanks <3


Title: Ethan, Espressos, and the End of Days
Subtitle: (Like a tagline? Because I have a tagline) Just your average Armageddon
Synopsis: Turns out, the apocalypse is anti-climactic. Zombies have flooded the Earth since 2024, a.k.a, year zero. The recently deceased rose from their graves en masse to begin their bloodthirsty new lives wandering aimlessly through coffee shops across the nation and feasting upon the emotional distress of overworked baristas. Aside from their irritability, incessant craving for caffeinated beverages, and the maggots crawling out of their eye sockets, the undead are virtually just like you and me. This strange phenomenon set the precedent for a new approach to global politics: how can the zombies be used, do they have rights, what does this mean for life or afterlife as we all know it, and most importantly, should baristas get higher paychecks? Who knows, but for Hope Turner, starving artist, jilted former romantic, and part time Starbucks employee, the end times just might be the second chance she so desperately needs.

Images: I have a really sucky placeholder right now because neither I nor my sister is an artist, lol. This is what we have and it is the general tone I’d like. If you can, it could even literally just be a much better version of this one:


Codeword: Illuminate




hi can i request again? i can do a different payment if that works


Sent you a dm with some ideas, and concepts let me know of any changes


Yep you can! No need to do a second payment as long as you still have a perm follow on my page! :slight_smile:


Great thanks!
Title: Jericho
Subtitle (Optional): A journey through the mind
Synopsis: A writer sits in her apartment for days on end, searching for inspiration. She has a cabinet just for that, her own little cabinet of inspirations. One day she encounters a strange man she names Jericho, who changes her life forever. Follow this journey into the surreal.
Images (optional)/ Description of what you want the cover to be like): Something with a man’s face blurred out. I’m not sure how it’s up to you.
Extra Stuff you want me to know: The woman in the story has hallucinations and the man she meets is a hallucination himself. I’d like the cover to be trippy in some sort of way or just dark.
What was the codeword?: Illuminate




I did dm you asking for references, but this is a concept I came up with. Still not the finished product let me know if you’d like any changes.

(I have a few other ideas, but need an update from you)



Title: Behind the dark, there’s a boy// Yoonseok
Subtitle: bebebts
Synopsis: “Stop. Why can’t you just leave me alone?” The small boy whimpered to the taller boy
“Because you mean everything to me” Thee taller boy answered

Meet Yoongi a shy 17 y/o introvert wit only a few friends and a huge crush on the extrovert in school. cliché right? Wrong. Very very wrong. There are things about yoongi no one knows, not even his parents.

Only a few people know his past that only including Namjoon Jin Jimin Kookie and Taetae. From getting kidnapped and raped to being saved. Yoongi knew who saved him, the only bad thing was the person who saved yoongi didn’t know t was yoongi he saved. And yep you guessed it Hoseok was the one who saved him. Not that Hoseok knew that. As many times as Yoongi wanted to walk up to him and thank him for saving him, he never had the courage.

But as all love stories go. Hoseok will find out somehow… someway.

Images: I just want Min Yoongi and Jung Hoseok on the cover
Whats the codeword: Illuminate


Sounds like a great book!


Oh! I see it. Sorry! I can often be blind to what is needed to be seen. :joy:

If you are able to incorporate the rose into the cover, then I would like it. If not that is okay. I’m not usually very picky.

I also have completed the payment.


okii i’ll get a concept to you by tomorrow


Sounds great. Thank you so much!


Title- Ex- Future Queen of Salovia

Synopsis- The novel is based in Salovia, a contemporary country in parallel world ruled by constitutional Monarchy. The story follows Belle Verona/Rose Lil in South Salovia (Southern part of the country) who being the lover of Prince was once exclaimed as Future Queen of Salovia in Palace, North Salovia (Northern part of the country).
But after a series of tragic events she didn’t only had to disguise herself as Belle, but also avoid Prince Ash who is now not only South Salovia, but in the very same branch of San Academy as her.
But since if fate wants something it happens, and that is how on the one year anniversary of Rose’s exit from Prince’s life, Rose is once again back in Prince’s (or now Crown Prince’s) life.

Images- Since, it is somewhat dark, romantic and royal story, I do want a castle on my cover. Plus, the dark element I don’t want to lose it.

Extra Stuff- If possible I would like to see it on the cover what you felt after reading the synopsis.

Codeword- Illuminate


Heres a concept going to also dm them to you!forbiddennew


Could you maybe change the girl? Or make it so she isn’t quite as blurred? She seems a little blurred to me.

I sent you this in the PM as well.


Title: The Tag Bearer
Subtitle (Optional):
Author: Hollie Wilson
Synopsis: Ellie Young is just one of the many children left in the aftermath of a war that has destroyed humanity. Her old life has been taken from under her feet, forcing her to march with countless others into a new way of living. Upon arrival, Ellie is given the grim task of being the designated city Tag Bearer, where she meets the cunning and handsome Matthew.

When Matthew gets Ellie caught up in a feud she desperately doesn’t want to be in, Ellie is taken, On her own she must learn to navigate a destroyed city and the rules of a newly formed corrupt government.
Images (optional)/ Description of what you want the cover to be like): I would like my cover to be quite dark. The colours red and black are preferred. I am happy with whatever images you use, but I would like something similar to the current title (link below).

Extra Stuff you want me to know: The novel is a Sci-Fi original and dark. So something similar to the crown cover, or a Notorious Vow cover is preferred.

What was the codeword?: Illuminate