s o t h i s i s m y b o o k c o v er [OPEN]



DMD you new ones - also HBD






can it be a different man? i’m trying to aim for an everyday looking guy maybe more like this picture. But i love the font for the title that’s awesome!


Let me try to find something like that :slight_smile:


thank you!


Thank you so much.


Is there anything else I need to do before you make my cover?


Title: Out There
Subtitle (Optional):
Synopsis: Daniel Winston, a young scientist at Developing Science for Pioneers Institute, has been working on a case to prove the existence of other-worldly beings. One day, his endeavors are halted when he is assigned a young woman as his apprentice. After some strange occurrences since her first day, Daniel decides to start a new investigation on her with the help of his friends. However, he isn’t the only one trying to figure her out, and soon has to protect her form those who aren’t so friendly towards unearthly visitors.
Images (optional)/ Description of what you want the cover to be like): I was thinking of having the two characters Daniel Winston and Living Waters (Extra-terrestrial) standing back to back on the front with stars in the background. Daniel has brown hair and green eyes, tan skin and usually wears beige pants with a casual shirt and lab coat. Living Waters wears casual lab clothes but no lab coat, she has short curly brown hair and glowing blue eyes.
Extra Stuff you want me to know: This is a sci-fi/romance novel
What was the codeword?: Illuminate


I hope you didn’t start working on my cover. This message is to ask you to put it in hold for I have unpublished my work for some major editing.
I am extremely sorry for the trouble caused! :pensive::disappointed:


Denied, no codeword


Hows this?




Hows this? I’ll dm it to you as well let me know if you’d like any changes!


Concept delivery. I had already began working on it, thought I didn’t it was in my queue. It’s totally fine! I make covers for unpublished works as well! I put in the thorns to keep it dark and mysterious. Castle for the royal, and I kept it slightly light to be well romantic. :smiley: Will dm this to you for any changes!


Im so sorry but what is a codeword?


Title: Summer Intensive
Subtitle (Optional): Book one of the Ballet Dreams serise
Synopsis: Crystal is a ballet student who has dreams of one day becoming a professional dancer. The first book in the serise follows her on her journey out of her home state to a summer intensive. She’s always wanted to go away to a different place for the summer, maybe this could be her chance. This story will show you what ballet’s really like, and how hard it can be to achieve your dreams.
Extra Stuff you want me to know: No tutus. I don’t think this story really goes with that. It’s more of a story about her practicing, not performing. Pointe shoes might be nice, and maybe a picture of a dancer.
What was the codeword?: Illuminate


Read the rules :slight_smile:




Accepted~ It’ll be difficult to get those exact specifications. But, i’ll try my best.


Title: Saving Brian

Synopsis: Sabrina Harris was a single mom living with her only surviving child, Brian. Things were going well, with a minimum-wage job and a roof to live under, they could ask for nothing else.
But when Brian became diagnosed with cancer, things begin to fall out of place.
Tired of fighting the same disease that had taken her years from her son’s life, she begins to search for a doctor.
No matter the risks, she’s willing to find a cure to save her son.

Even if it means she will have to sacrifice everything for it.

Image/Description: I was thinking of having a ten-year-old boy on the cover, running through a meadow and holding his mother’s hand (without showing her face)

Extra Stuff: This is a Mystery/Thriller and I don’t want the cover to show my username (for the author name). Just Abigail Lynn

Codeword: Illuminate