#Opennovellacontest2019 Entries


Is anyone else entering #opennovellacontest2019? I’d love to read your entry so post your link here.

What prompt did you choose? (so I can look out for it). As we can write in any genre, what one(s) are you writing in?

I picked the orphanage one ( suspense no. 9) but haven’t a clue where my story is going. At the moment it’s a teen fiction but that could change.

Edit 15/1/2019 - I’m up to date on reading what’s been posted so far so keep them coming.

Why are you on Wattpad and what do you write here? ☆

I picked Romance Fiction prompt 6: THE DAME

It’s called Diamonds & Rubies It’s a murder mystery set in the 1920s with a romance


Hi! I am actually entering two stories for the Novella contest.

For one I picked from the Fantastical Fiction with only one prompts: Gods of Death. I’m focusing on more of a fantasy genre for this one.

Isoloation From This Nightmare

For the other I picked from the Speculative Fiction with three prompts: Body Mods, Building Paradise, and Star System. I’m focusing on more of a Science Fiction approach with this one.

Star Runners


As you know, I entered :smiley: I chose to do the Suspense Fiction, prompt one about blood and snow. It fitted really well with an old prologue I had

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/173180502-red-winter-open-novella-contest


I’m entering following the “red petals” prompt, but focusing on a fantasy genre. I’ve got my general outline sorted out, and I’ve written three chapters- but I haven’t posted any of it yet. When I do, I’ll add a link. :slight_smile:

Thanks for making this thread, it’s really good that we can share our entries here!


I’ll use the Haunted House open prompt :grinning:
Genre: Psychological Horror.

Good luck, all :heart:


@YazzWrites @StoryWritersNeverLie @Spruce_Goose @music_ally and @Ellen_Reese

Looking forward to checking out all your stories.



I picked this one. My story is Club Cupid. I shall check yours out too.


I went with General Fiction 2: Against an Obstacle and ended up keeping it general fiction :wink:

Good luck to everyone :hearts:


I entered the General Fiction prompt 2 as well and kept it as a fiction

Unraveling the Red Thread


I selected prompt #2 in Fantastical Fiction. It’s not posted yet, but I’ll link it here when it’s done ^^


@EllenFairyBlue4 @DeliaMaguire6 @SylviaWolfe and @LuliWrites - looking forward to checking out your stories. I think I only read a few of the 65 prompts.

Last year, about 3-4 of the prompts were really popular but so far, this year it seems to be more spread out.

@LuliWrites put your link in here. Good luck with your chapter. The judges don’t look at them ( officially anyway) until after the 31st so we can edit up to then.


@music_ally Post your link in here when you do get chapter one up. They usually leave these story requests up for a month.


@Ellen_Reese Have you anything posted yet?


@EllenFairyBlue4 Thank you so much. I’ve one chapter up. It’s gone through a few title revisions but is currently called Wattpad and the Fantastic #Writersretreat.




I went for the cryptozoology one…


HI ya, I’ve decided to use the Faceless Creatures prompt to put a different spin on the vmpire genre. It’s called Adam’s Rib


Nope :sweat_smile:
I already made the cover. I still need to publish it.
I’ll add your story when you publish it. Have you published it yet?


I love this thread. We’re like this little group that support each other. I think that way we’ll be even more motivated to finish our stories :grinning:

Thanks for gathering us here, Mary @MaryFahey :heart:


Post the link when you have one.

All the best with your entry.