Opera Concert



@NastyaMartin05 and I are going to put on an opera concert and you are invited to see us sing opera songs Like Nussun Dorma and Figaro and so much more. You’ll Have refresments, and so much more. You’ll pay for a discount.






Are you ready to do the opera Concert with me?




We have to wait for the audience to arrive.


Okay, but my mum can feel she cool and touch my phone




We can start?


After the audience get in their seats.


Are u ppl actually going to sing?




Uh…Ok. I look forward to it.


Thank you so much.


Thanks for inviting me!


You’re welcome!


Nastya, Let’s List the opera songs in order:
Overture: Marriage of Figaro

  1. Largo al factotum: Sung by Nastya
  2. The Music Of The Night: Sung By Haruka
  3. Habanera: Sung by Nastya
  4. O Mio Babbino caro: Sung By Haruka
  5. Nessun Dorma: Sung By Haruka and Nastya
    6: Panis angelicus: Sung by Nastya and Haruka
    7: Con Te Partiro: sung by Haruka and Nastya
    8: Dance With The Dragon: Sung By Haruka
    9: Aquarium: Sung by Haruka




Are you going to send a video of you singing here or somewhere else?