Opinion on freelance writing? Any freelance writers here?

So recently I’ve been thinking about trying freelance writing as means of earning extra money and to help build my resume. Anyone have any experience with freelance writing? Is it worth it? Any advice for someone wanting to try it out?

It’s a tough market. Content writers are extremely undervalued and underpaid. Freelance writers of magazine article have to do a lot of querying and hustling just to get an assignment, and then it takes months to get paid. Ghost writing can be lucrative, but you generally have to have publishing credits and contacts to get access to the legit jobs.

(Couldn’t pay me to use Fiverrr and other sites where beginners try to break in. Too much fraud there, and when you do get paid, it’s peanuts.)

Now, if you can break in to contract tech writing, you can make good money in some markets.


Ahh I expected so. Thank you for the insight. Exactly what is a tech writer because if it has to do with IT then that isn’t really my place? :sweat_smile:

Whilst I do wanna make some money, would you still recommend it for the experience of it or no?

You would have to find out for yourself whether it’s worth to you. As @XimeraGrey says, Fiverr could be a way of breaking into the market, but be prepared to earn (perhaps a lot) less than minimum wage until you have some standing. Better to be an employed content writer. You’ll still be undervalued, but at least you get a regular salary. I’m a comms specialist Marketing/PR and I wrote a lot in my life. Paid good money. When I freelanced - it didn’t, and that i a while ago. Things have got worse.


Depends on your goals. If you want to be a novelist, I wouldn’t. If you’re trying to pay the bills, you’d probably be better off with a job or by getting a degree. I mean, I make a lot of money, but I had a degree to get into my field.

Tech writing is writing technical material, either for engineers and programmers or for lay people who need to understand it.



Thank you both for your insight, it’s really given me a lot to think about.


I know full-time copy writers in fintech (financial tech) who earn good salaries.

I am sure the same is true for many other tech sectors.

There is a company called Scribe in Austin, Texas, which coaches nonfic experts in various fields to write and publish their books. They charge quite a lot, and they seem to be something like a Vanity Press 2.0, or a viable model for what used to be non-viable. If I was interested in earning a salary for writing nonfic, I would look into working for them, or companies like them.

If you’re looking for freelance, or to get a start … you might look at joining digital freelancing groups on Facebook, and/or publish a few things on Medium as samples of your work.

As far as sites go… Upwork is probably better than Fiverr. But yeah, those are a race to the bottom, in terms of pay.