Opinion please

So for the cover for this story has always been bugging me. I have switched my designs and asked for help to be made, but nothing ever seems to satisfy me for this story. So here is a new attempt. Thoughts, please.

Maybe make the fire/flame texture less obvious? Covers the image of the woman you used too much.

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Thanks I could try it.

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It might just be my phone but the model looks awfully narrow. Like she just got squished in there. I agree with toning down the flame so the wings (at least I assume they’re wings) stand out more. They’re so lost in the abyss of orange.

Also maybe doing something more to the booktitle. It’s a little bland both with the font and style.


You should try to add shadow to the title and to your name (to the letters)

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Hmmm… are you skinny-shaming her?:rofl::rofl::rofl:

No, she just doesnt look proportional to me :laughing: I’ll look again when I’m on a computer in an hour or so 'cause it might just be my phone.

The figure appears to be roughly 8 heads tall. 7-7/12 (head included) is considered adult human proportion, but in art it’s a fairly common practice to make figures 8 or even more heads tall to give the appearance of grace or elegance, especially if the figure is meant to be a supernatural being, or a superhero. (Superheros are also often broader at the shoulder than average proportion, accentuating a difference between shoulders and hips.)

Well, I’m on my tablet and she does look a bit stretched out, but it doesn’t look too bad in my opinion.

On the computer now and the model still looks off to me. It’s like she’s pinched. I found the actual image used and she doesn’t have that same pinchy feeling. It’s just me nit picking so it’s up to the OP to take it or leave it :smiley:


The artist (@Brianna ?) probably did a transform on the layer with the person’s figure or some similar effect. Look at the neck in particular. But, it’s a valid technique to elongate a figure for artistic effect. And this seems like the figure is supposed to be some kind of angelic being from the wings.

I would say that overall it’s not a bad design. (I don’t know the story.) But, not sure if the lower color contrast with (is there an additional orange layer or filter of some type?) allows anything to stand out as a focal point.

Like, the image @Prisim found has a lot more contrast.

Though, sometimes I also intentionally add a colored effect layer over my cover art, but it’s usually to reduce contract to make the text stand out. So, maybe here the text could use another color, or a shadow to stand out, like @Nebulae suggested.

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I was going to say this! Totally squished.

Has she walked through Ruby Falls by any chance?

This is the updated version and the thing is she is taller than most females in the story because of my characteristics of having demon blood. Also she represents pride which is another reason stretched.


the typography looks too simple for a manip picture.

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Updated Verison


I would slide the drop shadow text a bit left so there’s not as much a gap on the thinner side of the characters. The drop shadow should provide contrast between foretext and background, but not distract from the readability (which I feel the negative space between parts of the text does).

Okay. Thank you.


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The updated graphic looks decent, aside from the title and the author’s name.
I would suggest to pick another font (on both). Blend each font to the entire graphic, like using blur effect to tone down the sharpness.