Opinions on Dreame?


I got an offer from them last year. My brother had a freelance writer friend look into it and he said it’s probably not fake. But I chickened out. Lately I got another offer though less than last year but I’m considering the non-exclusive contract. But I figured I should ask on here. So opinions on them? And if possible I would like to hear about experiences.


It’s not fake - but their contracts suck. And they don’t pay writers as much as we’re owed for hard work. I think you get around $100 USD for your manuscript and then 30% of whatever it earns. And they own your story for 3-5 years.

All of that is of course up to you to decide if you like or not. But personally, all of that sound like suuuuper bad terms for you as the writer, to me.

You can read this: https://authorchristopherdschmitz.wordpress.com/2018/10/10/things-to-know-about-dreame-publishers-also-known-as-ficfun-and-stary-ltd/


I received messages from them. I can’t speak to the terms because I didn’t even respond to discuss that kind of stuff, but I do think they seem very shady, even if they are “legit.”

First off, they tried to speak to me as if they read my book but then made comments about it that weren’t even applicable.

Then just the fact that they create accounts and harass people to come to their site, even after being told no in the past, really rubs me the wrong way.

But that’s just my opinion. I do believe it’s a legitimate site, I just don’t like their business practices.


They’re just as shady as all the other sites that try to poach authors from WP and Twitter. They whisper sweet nothings in your ear about how much they’d love to have you on their platform. But they wouldn’t even throw you a vote.


5 year contract non exclusive is $30. It might seem plainly cheap and rediculous to others but to be honest the story itself is in my opinion a piece of crap written with no intention to post but was posted out of pure boredom and it annoyingly became my best crap at 275k reads lol I write for fun and out of boredom. Sure it would be nice to make decent money off my writing since I don’t have a job. And due to circumstances I’m unable to get a job that requires me me to leave the house. But as I said, to others it might seem cheap but right now that “cheap” price will put me even closer to replacing my laptop that died. The story that Ive pretty much written, hated and to lazy to re-edit is given a chance to help me get back to enjoy my life again easier writing, easier works on my other potential money making projects and just enjoying an online life like I used to with mmd and my online friends.

So basically it’s just weighing whether I want my life to stay as is depressing and always wishing I could this or that or have a chance to say “I can make a little money off my crappy writing that I do for fun”.


Have you looked at your other options for making money off of your writing?


Of course it’s a super personal choice. But there’s also an issue with artists accepting getting paid like this. It keeps us all underpaid because no one ever demands more. Your work is worth more than $30. You can earn a lot more than that by posting it on sites like Tapas and open up to tips. Not to mention, you get to keep your story.

But yeah, it’s up to you whether you agree to their terms or not.


Basically this.

If you absolutely do not care about your work and are happy to get a paltry amount, then go for it. But if you have any care for your writing at all stay away. What they offer to authors is basically an insult.

Aside from that, their spamming tactics are horrendous and that alone would be a big fat nope in my book.


They spam. They prey on Wattpad authors. They offer sucky contracts. They have a really- and I mean REALLY bad reputation. For a good reason.
Would you feel confident saying “I’m a Dreame author?”
If so, then go ahead.
Otherwise, run the other way.


Their contracts suck and if you plan to do more with your book, I wouldn’t do it. They aren’t a scam in the sense that you will be paid, it just won’t be what your book is worth.

But I have a friend who signed with them for a collection of short stories that in her own words, didn’t have enough potential to polish and publish. She got $100 for about 37,000 words, which is less than a penny per word.

As others have stated, it isn’t a scam, it just isn’t a great deal. However, if you don’t care about the book they’re asking for, you could do it and just end the contract in 3-5 years(depending how long the initial contract is). But even if you don’t like what you’ve written, and maybe like the storyline, you can always rewrite it to make it better, something you’re more proud of.

I really wouldn’t do it unless you really don’t care about the book they want.

Also, be sure to report the profiles they messaged you on Wattpad with. It’s against Wattpad TOS.


Another vote in the “genuine but terrible” column. And they must’ve been told hundreds of times by now that they’re not allowed to solicit Wattpad authors. If they’re still doing it, what does that tell you about their attitude to rules?

There was a thread on here a few months back that dissected their standard contract and explained just how author-hostile it really is.


I would be open to other ideas to make money via writing but I’m the type who think their writing is trash. To make money on tapas 100 subscribers on a story for ads and 250 for tips. And even then I don’t know how much will be earned when I finally reach that. I even tried Patreon and Ko-fi but zilch has been earned and it’s been over a year. But I’ve always had the mindset to keep my stories free so anyone can read them. I know what it’s like to not have the money to read stories that look interesting. I’m sorta in need of some money to replace my laptop that went to the graveyard in January. And certain circumstances prevent me from getting a job as much as I would love to get away from my parents. The only income I have now is being ripped off for babysitting 3-4 kids for my brother. Itll be a few years with the rate they pay me


I can definitely appreciate the need for money now, I’ve been there and if not for working 2 jobs I’d still be there. Even working 2 jobs I still struggle with certain Bill’s and making sure they’re covered. But look at the long term problems. You sell your book for pennies now and in the future you decide you want to publish that book. You can’t. It’s gone. It’s sold for a pittance and can never be published again unless you self publish.

I’m one who genuinely thinks their writing is crap that will never amount to more than Wattpad and I still wouldn’t sell my work for that low. I’d sooner take my chances on Tapas or Radish even if neither paid off because the books are still mine at those sites. I’m not signing 5 years of digital rights away for a measly $100. My work, no matter how bad I might need the money at the time, is worth more than that. And my agreeing to something like that feels like a slap in the face to all authors. But that’s my opinion and my opinion alone.

Don’t let desperation push you into something you may regret. Sit down and make yourself a pros and cons list based off both what has been said here, your needs, and maybe what you might find on Google since I’m sure sites like writer beware have stuff on dreame/ficfun. Look at that list you made and decide from there.

None of us can tell you what to do so if you decide Dreame is okay for you, go for it. Just go in with all the facts as best you can. There is reason their reputation is so low.


Hi there. ── . · ☆

So as many have echoed, it’s not a scam, but not worth it. Hell, I could make more money working at McDonalds than doing that. Let’s do the math.

So say they want one of your stories of 30 chapters. It’s complete, and a chapter on average is 1500 words at minimum. That’s 45000 words in total. A chapter takes a timespan of 30 to 120 minutes to write, I’ll assume about 30 hours to complete at the very, VERY least.

Now think about working at McDonald’s for minimum wage. In USA it’s 7.25 USD, in Canada it’s 11.40 CAD. In 30 hours, you’ll earn over 200 USD. This applies for any job, though. Cleaning the loos, even.

And honestly, if the payoff of my writing is worth less than half of the amount I’ll get for cleaning loos - I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t do it for me. I’d rather spend 15 hours cleaning the loos for the same amount and continue owning my 30 chapters worth of hard work.

~ Mira


I 100% agree that Dreame isn’t worth pursuing, but I have to point out that for most writers, traditional publishing pays less than minimum wage as well.


They aren’t fake, but I wouldn’t sign with them. They have numerous clauses in their contracts that should make all authors run the other way.


I should also add here that if you care anything for your rights avoid them like a plague. Their contract clauses are vague and outright hostile. Even after the 3-5 year period is over you have to write to them requesting that your story be removed from their website.

Ask yourself here. Why do you still have to ask once the contract time is over? Also, they don’t have to do a damn thing to comply. Also they ask writers to rewrite the work so that is disconnected from their IP.

But the icing on the cake? You retain print rights which is obviously them saying we can’t do anything in print because have no printing/typesetting capability BUT. if you self publish your own book they are entitled to around 30% of the profits. And remember, they take 15% like an agent for got knows what and now additional money for services they never provide. This is robbery.


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i am unaware of whether it is so, but don’t you usually get more profits as it goes out? dreame seems to be very hidden about whether you’ll even get into their pay to read program in the first place, meaning you might only really pocket 30 to a hundred dollars. i think in traditional publishing, it’s a lot more transparent than this.


You know what I would do? Try to get into Wattpad Next. It’s SO much better than any of these dodgy platforms out there. They are looking for quality stories.
Would you really have a story you don’t fully believe in (it sounded like that, forgive me if I got that wrong) out there, associated with your name?
If you do it, do it at least under a pen name.
But quite honestly, like almost everybody else is telling you - better don’t do it.
It’s your decision


Traditional publishing isn’t noted for being transparent about money after they’ve paid the advance, so that’s really slamming Dreame :slight_smile: