Opinions on Fantasy


What are your unpopular, or just odd, opinions about the fantasy genre?

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I don’t like long battles. Battles that take forever to end makes me skip so many descriptions and I can’t help it.

Medieval settings are getting a little old.

Urban Fantasy doesn’t have to be set in New York (says the writer who has done just that - but I’m a hypocrite)

I can overlook plotholes as long as the story is good - a story doesn’t die with its plotholes.


Darker/more realistic is not better. Fantasy worlds based off of real life are fine when done right, but I don’t like how Game of Thrones is making it a trend. I read fantasy to escape the real world, not be put in a slightly different version of it. And they’re all the same, too. They all kill off important characters just for shock value, they curse like twelve year olds on the playground, and there’s a 50/50 chance that any female character is going to get raped for edgelord points.

Also, fantasy authors who don’t… fantasy… are less creative and less talented than the ones who do fantasy. Fantasy is the genre without borders, but all anyone wants to do is copy Tolkien. Swords 'n sorcery, elves, dwarves, orcs, blahhhh. I’m not saying everything you write about has to be 100% original and wholly yours, but if your world can be summed up with “It’s Middle Earth/Narnia/Hogwarts except [miniscule background details]” then you’re not trying hard enough.


I don’t even like short battles. I tolerate them.

I wouldn’t say this is unpopular, but I would say that not everyone who says it, is living up to it, which makes it seem unpopular.


Well with George RR Martin, he purposefully wrote his more realistic, it should be obvious when beginning to read it’s no lighthearted story.

But I get what you mean by people taking Game of Thrones and copying/mimicking the things that made it stand out in the first place.


Not sure if this is unpopular… I hate when the MC is suddenly magical. It is the worst thing ever. I just don’t like it. Either we know they are when the story starts, they never are, or they gain powers in some cool way… But please, don’t make them secretly special where they’re chosen and magical the whole time but we don’t know it. I hate that…


And he is one of the VERY few who can pull it off. It’s because he 1. has actually studied that time period and knows how things worked and people acted back then, and 2. knows how to write realistic characters who feel like they actually belong in that time period. When other people try it, it comes across like…

Lord Baron McPatria barged into the room and roared, “Where is my dinner, you whore?”
“I’m still making it, you piece of horse crap,” answered the independent woman who has no right to exist in this type of setting.
McPatria stood up and murdered their firstborn son. “How dare you? I guess I’ll have to rape you to set you straight!”
But he didn’t get to because she grabbed a sword and cut off his head. Then she stuck it on a pole outside their house so nobody would ever screw with her again.


Oof, what stories have you read that completely butchered something so horribly to give you this example?


Most of them were here on WattPad, so I won’t name names. One dude was here on the forums last year posting his incestuous rape scenes and asking “is this too edgy?” Needless to say, that’s why I don’t read much on here anymore.


only incestuous thing I have is in the fourth book of the Legend Series and was completely unexpected by the two sisters (but was consensual…sorta, my Shapeshifters heal through se the fastest and they have the natural urge to heal themselves if things are severe) well, that urge doesn’t translate into family members, but with these two, it only happened because they have a curse on their father’s side (he doesn’t know about it, but they will freak out and go to their parents, their uncle will be there as well and he will already know what is going on) (literally these two thought maybe something happened where their mother could have had an affair, until one of the twins mentions that still wouldn’t explain it)

The whole situation took me by surprise, and even then, I didn’t go in depth into the scene, just made it known :woman_shrugging: but only instance there is, and it was a freaky, unknown curse that caused it


If they’re too short, I’m not a fan either.

Living up to it? What do you mean?


Well, I mean that “non-English fantasy” is often encouraged and praised where fantasy cliches are discussed, but we still aren’t seeing that backed by writers or wallets. It’s getting better, but I don’t think most of those who are preaching for more exotic settings are putting their pens where their mouths are. So basically, its a popular idea in principle, but unpopular in execution. It’s a fair fear, though. Editors will buy castles. They may not buy igloos.


I’m not too crazy for the whole “chosen one” thing. like the character is part of a prophecy or is the only one blessed with some magical powers that can defeat the villain. Your main character should be special, but there are so many ways to get them to fight the villain without them being chosen.

also, a writer who tries to be too dark and gritty. it’s okay to have a dark fantasy story but you need lighthearted moments to allow your readers to breathe. I’m not going to read 400 pages of just doom and gloom with magic sprinkled in.


Funny you mention igloos. I’m including North Atlantic culture into my WIP. :snowman:

And I don’t mind “English” fantasy. It’s the time period “Medieval” I’m bored with. For High Fantasy it’s the “default” time period. And I’m bored.


Unpopular opinion: if you want to see what fantasy should be, watch anime and play JRPGs like Final Fantasy and the Tales Of games. I don’t know why, but the Japanese are way more creative than we are here in the west. I won’t say that everything they make is a masterpiece (Naruto makes me want to claw my eardrums out) but the sheer amount of imagination you can find in their stories is a way bigger source of inspiration to me than almost anything over here.


what about a high fantasy/fantasy where you combine high fantasy/fantasy with sci-fi but not have it overwhelmingly one or the other?


TMW you were planning on writing a medieval fantasy. :joy:


Don’t see what that has to do with time periods :joy:

@MaskedObsession Hey, no one’s opinion should ever keep you from writing what you wanna write. So if you wanna write Medieval Fantasy, definitely do it!


I’m not saying it has anything to do with time periods?


That’s what we were talking about, so I assumed you were talking about the same subject :woman_shrugging: