Opinions on Fantasy


No, I just saw you had mentioned medieval or high fantasy.

I can’t remember which, I need to get some sleep.


No, but I mean you’re right. That setting is becoming overused. :sweat_smile: In fact, I can’t really think of fantasy stories that don’t have that setting.


Same here


Urban Fantasy :wink:

But yeah, I don’t know why that one is so popular. What’s wrong with the Dark Ages? Or the 1800’s? Those are cool time periods too. The 1800’s has guns!


Ah that was in the context of me being tired of medieval time periods in High Fantasy.

I’m not a huge fan of Fanta-Sci - but mostly because I’m not a huge fan of Science Fiction


Their content is no less mixed in quality than American productions, IMO. They have a lot interesting stuff, but they are just like us in how they will follow a trend to the grave, and even crawl in after it. And a lot of their current stuff feels like they just discovered Tolkien and Dungeons and Dragons.

For every Fullmetal, there are ten or more shows about teenagers going to school and fighting monsters. And consider that we are only seeing what content they thought worth the cost of adapting. How many American shows are we broadcasting over there? Maybe a lot, IDK, but it isn’t anywhere near what we produce.

I recently started Goblin Slayer and it was an interesting perspective on D&D and has an interesting message underneath the conflicting themes, but it could have accomplish the same thing in half as many episodes if they were interested in content. And I’ve felt that way about most manga I’ve tried to the point where I stopped buying it because it was more expensive than a novel for a chapter worth of content.


Western Fantasy!! That would be amazing!


UFO (unpopular fantasy opinion): I hate morally gray, gritty, dark main characters. It always seems to me like a kid trying to be an edgy adult by having their hero kill people. There are ways to make a story a mature audience will appreciate without making a “hero” who’s also a murderer, sadist, and/or rapist.



@Xenoclea Why are you calling me out like this :joy:


[cough] And dragons in top hats. :tophat: [/cough]

It’s not really my genre, despite being my genre, but ones that come to mind are:

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (historical)

Alloy of Law (fantasy world)

The Powder Mage (fantasy world)

Temeraire (historical)


Then there’s the Weird Western genre.


This is what I didn’t know I needed in my life.

Also, heeeeello more fuel for neglecting my writing!


So I’m not the only one! Thank you!


I don’t think this qualifies an unpopular opinion anymore.


I’ve seen the Weird West in cartoons. :joy:


I’ve got one of those! It has people shooting guns, stabbing themselves with magic rocks, sentient lizards riding non sentient lizards, and an alternate dimension where an evil moon turns everything into shapeshifting blob monsters.


Like, characters who are morally gray can be good characters, but so, so often I read about ones who are… flat. They’re not particularly troubled by what they do, they don’t long for a better life. On the opposite end, they never really embrace it and go full-on evil and loving it, which can also be fun. A bunch of the morally gray characters I see aren’t dynamic, as the author wants us to believe and tells us (but not shows us in any meaningful way thru the story). They’re just stagnant. They’re boring.


I definitely agree. It’s hard to make an anti-hero you wanna root for. My absolute favourite is still Walter White from Breaking Bad. He started out as a good guy and then progressively just gets worse and worse. And then there’s Dexter, who thinks he’s a good guy despite literally killing people - granted, they’re all bad people, but still.

That’s the kind of morally grey characters I love and want to try and write. Don’t know how well I’ve done it, but yah. I see the “bad characters” too, who are just badly written.


My least favorite is when the “super complex, layered, gray character” is just another brooding bad boy with a tragic backstory and the only difference is that he happens to kill people


Ugh god yes. Why is this person killing people.

“Because he’s bad.”

But why?

"Bad :slight_smile: "


YEP!!! Or it’s like “everyone is super afraid of the twisted mind of this evil person (who’s also the hero of the book for some reason)” but they… don’t do anything??? They just kind of stand there and occasionally murder without a point?

Evil person: is a literal teenager

Everyone else: oh my god he’s so scary I totally respect him

Evil person: broods because of tragic backstory

Everyone else: omg so scary and mysterious he’s so dangerous

Evil person: kills someone for no reason

Everyone else: wow what a criminal mastermind he’s so scary we def respect him wow