Opinions on Fantasy


Bahahahahahhaha yeah! I think some writers forget that it’s actually not that easy to kill someone IRL - and sometimes they need to put that into stories. Sure, there can be a character who doesn’t have much remorse - but explain why they have no remorse. Were they in the military? Are they a supernatural species who gives zero shits about humans? Like, just come up with a reason.

But also maybe include someone who is struggling with the whole killing thing to make a cool contrast between the morally grey character, to establish they’re actually morally grey and that this isn’t a standard for this world.

Basic world building and character development shouldn’t be too much to ask for.


Yes!!! Yes yes yes!!! I want to see them struggle as the life fades from their victims eyes and I want to see them shaky and sick and I want to see them weeping at night over what they did. And then I want them to do it again.

Gimme that internal conflict, people!!!


And then make every kill easier and easier until they realised they’ve completely lost themselves to the monster!

In other words, give me character development like Sally Green did in her Half Bad series.


I’ve never read that book but you’ve made me want to now lol


Seriously. The character development in that is so amazing. That is one morally grey character that actually has a reason for turning bad. Has a reason to give into the darkness. And struggling with what’s right for the world, and what’s right for him.

I can highly recommend it.


We really need more books like that


Yes. Yes we do!


Unpopular opinions huh? Welp, time to get my ass roasted.

  1. Lord of the Rings is not the best fantasy ever written (hell, I’ve never even read it)

  2. HP Lovecraft is too dense for my tastes (as is Tolkien, hence why I never read it)

  3. I un-apologetically like SJM books

  4. Steampunk fantasy is best fantasy

  5. I love edgelords

  6. Dungeons and Dragons inspired stories are also the best

  7. Tragic backstories are more fun to write than non tragic ones

  8. Game of Thrones was unenjoyable to read

  9. I love fantasy-romance


YAS :call_me_hand:


I don’t know how much of a fantasy trope it is as much as it is a thing some fantasy fans do. But I kind of hate when magic is discredited by logic. Like trying to point out how unrealistic a disney movie plot is. It’s magic, of course it’s unrealistic! That’s the point!


There actually is a Western fantasy story on Wattpad. Badlands Fairytale by @WallaceStVincen. It’s actually one of the better-written stories I’ve seen here.


Glad I am not the only one. It seems like there’s a considerable number of people on here that despise fantasy-romance


There definitely is. My readers love it! I think there are just some here on the threads who’re very loud about not liking it, as opposed to people who do.


Yeah, makes sense. I guess the people who’re loud about it just make it seem like there’s less that like it.


I mean, the publishing world definitely agrees. You can’t really sneeze in the Fantasy section of a bookstore without sneezing on a romantic subplot.

I think the biggest difference is the people who do like it, don’t make threads about how much they like it. As opposed to people who don’t like it. I’ve seen I don’t even know how many threads dedicated to “I hate romance and romantic subplots” in my time on the threads.

Different strokes for different folks. But Fantasy romance is definitely not suffering. So if you’re worried about adding a romantic subplot - don’t be! They’re great and loved and appreciated :blush:


Aww thanks for the shoutout :slight_smile:


Gotta wonder why people make threads expressing what they hate. Complaining about hating a subgenre is just not productive for anyone. But no, I am not worried about adding a romantic subplot. I will add one regardless of those who hate it =)


Hating shit is fun, I gotta admit. :joy: Sometimes it’s just to vent about tropes you find really boring and problematic and have a discussion about that.

But when it comes to entire sub genres or genres in general, I’m not sure what’s so fun. All genres and even subgenres are massively diverse and different. Saying “X genre is bad!” can’t be true. Even though I mentioned I’m not much into sci-fi, there has still been sci-fi books I’ve enjoyed. So I can’t say I don’t like the entire genre - it’s just not my fave.

Anyways, yeah. Hate brings people together.


I dunno, I feel like love should bring people together more. But that’s just me.


I definitely think it does out in the real world - but when it comes to internet forums I see a bigger trend of talking about what you hate bringing people together, rather than what you love.