Opinions on Fantasy


Which is just baffling to me. I don’t get it, lol


Haha me neither. I’m usually just there to watch drama unfold :joy:


@AWFrasier @Medula-Oblongata It’s not that we hate the genre itself. We hate that whenever someone writes it, they pretend it isn’t fantasy romance. The blurb will be all “The dark lord Malum Umbra is going to shroud the world in darkness and death, and only the chosen one Divinus Pulchrae can stop him with the Sword of Seven Destinies! Join her as she rallies an army and blah blah blah”. But then you read the book, and everything the blurb talked about is just subplot, and it spends 90% of its time angsty teen love triangulating it up. If you want to write romance in a fantasy setting, more power to you. But don’t pretend it’s an action adventure fantasy to sell it. The people who want romance won’t touch it, and the people who want action and adventure will feel cheated when they’re not given the story the back of the book promised them. Literally nobody wins in this situation, but authors and publishing companies keep freaking doing it.


Which is fair. That sounds more like a hate for an advertising problem than a hate for romantic subplots. But there are people who are specifically saying they hate romantic subplots. Even the small ones.


See how common your unpopular opinions are:


The one about multi-books is so true!


Your username worships you while sacrificing my mom’s cat to you


After reading this thread, I kinda want some feedback on some stuff in my WIP.


Thank you? XD


I agree to some extent, sometimes this can be used really well to explain certain situations/plotholes throughout the story, but I agree with the fact that when there is no backstory or any mysterious events prior to the miraculous gaining of power it can become a bit tedious and annoying.


Completely agree (also completely terrified that I’m doing this, but at the same time I think I’m good)

Also my own unpopular opinion is that having one type of magic in fantasy is boring like only elemental magic, especially if that magic has been done to death like elemental magic (this can be done well though, mostly when magic isn’t really central).

Another unpopular opinion is that having your MC/ your MC and a few characters have a special/unique magic has been done to death (if it’s a new magic that just seeped into your universe then it’s understandable but besides that it’s boring). I get why people do it, but you can have an interesting fantasy story if your character has a common or normalised form of magic.


Speaking of inspiration you can get a lot of inspiration (at least I do) from the lore of video games (like Bloodborne, Dark Souls and MMOs) it helps me a lot with creating unique worlds.


What’s it called?


The Gray Ranger: Unforgiven


I think I’m the opposite. I absolutely love the fantasy stories that include a lot of the darker aspects of life. I feel like, as long as it isn’t gratuitous or nihilistic about it, it can add a lot of emotional and thematic depth to the story.

I definitely agree with you about all the Tolkien wannabes though. I can’t really get into stories all about elves and dragons and shit. I know there’s definitely an audience for that genre, but I prefer something with a little more originality.


The one you’re doing for the Open Novella contest? On the Twelfth Soul? I’ll add it to my reading list and give you some feedback after the weekend.


The dragon riding trope is wonderful. It’s a great way to get discovered in the Fantasy genre.


Lol. I think after @Ariador, @LoneStarDragon is probably the most active Fantasy club user.


Its a trope because literally everyone is doing it. Do you honestly think one more book is going to be anything but white noise?


But Tolkien was original and invested years into his art. So saying they want to be like Tolkien, so they are copying him is a contradiction. :stuck_out_tongue: