Opinions on Fantasy


Mmm… debatable. I have some pretty unique twists planned for my series.


I mean, even my mc is different than most because she doesn’t actually want to become a rider in ARF. In almost every single book I’ve read, the character thinks it’s the coolest thing ever.


It was mostly a joke as we had just been talking in another thread.


I will say you’re both accurate. It’s part of the reason I’ve never attempted dragon riders, so much competition.

But doing an old trope well is what made Name of the Wind standout and truckloads of money. If you can stand out in dragon riders, then there is more benefit than standing out in a less favored trope.

But if you’re going to do it just like everyone else, or completely ruin the appeal. Then you will likely disappear.


Good point.


The base idea is what people notice. There’s a difference being having something, and being about something. I would never write a book about people with power over fire, earth, wind, and water because all anyone would notice were the similarities to Avatar. But my book about medieval knights who drive giant robots has them in it, they’re just not the focus. The story is about the giant robots in a setting I’ve never seen them in before.


I honestly don’t mind being compared to something which already exists, but I’ll agree, it is annoying since original ideas are becoming more difficult to think of. Out of the thousands of readers I have had, I think only a handful have verbally told me they think ARF is similar to Eragon.

It doesn’t even start like Eragon or have a plot like Eragon. The villain is a dragon, not a man.

Point is, people will compare everything to anything they can these days unfortunately.


Pretty sure Scooby Doo called dibs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t you once start a topic about “the obsession with originality” or something like that. Or was that someone else.


Okay, those are about the two randomest names I would have compared lol.


Not that I recall. My opinions have changed a bit over the years as my writing matured, but I don’t think I ever would have said that originality is a bad thing. Especially not when you’re writing fantasy, the genre that literally breathes creativity.


Wait, I was wrong Captain Planet called dibs.


Funny enough the first draft of my story was set in the medieval period, but then I wanted flintlock and bolt action firearms so now it’s the 1800’s :sweat_smile:


Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the formula of:

MC is the chosen one and must learn how to fight.
The dark, broody, badass love interest (or ye reluctant, secluded olde master) must teach them.
MC gets good enough in two days to defeat the evil empire.

An author I used to be a huge fan of always wrote with that formula (ok minus the two-day timeline). I guess I got overfed with that plot pattern and that’s why I dislike it now.

I mean I get that in fantasy (especially with a medieval setting) fighting is usually inevitable and you want to keep your character in the action, but, just, the odds man. Hungry villager to knight in shining armour? High schooler who skips PE to expert sword fighter? It feels predictable.


what’s SJM?


Sarah J. Maas, I suspect.

  • I groan whenever I come across dragons. I was bored of them when I was seven and reading fairy tales.

  • More is not better. Why does everything have to be a trilogy? Give me more standalones please!


Sometimes a story goes beyond the author’s intentions. My five part Lazarus Academy Series was originally meant to be a stand alone.

When the other 4 titles appeared in my head? I knew I was fucked

I still haven’t gotten out of the gates yet with the first one, but I will complete it, it is top of my list of priorities, I am trying to do more stand alone ideas, in fact, many of mine are, I just haven’t fleshed the stories out yet and my mission right now is to slowly but surely complete every one of my WIPs, and I have almost 80. Well, 5 are complete, and about 3 or 4 are a third of the way done and 2 are being co-written.


I’d like to try and write a stand-alone but my pantsing ass seems to be unable to do that.


I was summoned.


Oh well, I don’t like elemental magic and when you don’t explain how stuff works in your fantasy world, also when you’re writing a medieval fantasy but can’t make swords work properly.