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So, you are my supposed rival…



I don’t believe in the gods, they’re man’s creation to answer questions they’re too afraid to answer themselves.


You are 80 WIPs? Whoah. I hope they aren’t all novel length.


Sword physics deserve respect!


I think this isn’t so unpopular, but… Well, I’m not a fan of teens-save-the-world trope. I mean, in such stories, adults are always useless and getting their butts kicked by some superpowered teens.


Imma join you on that one. #1 reason why I usually don’t like YA much anymore.


Whenever I look back to middle school and high school I can’t help but think that absolutely no one I knew (including myself) would have been capable of saving the world. We’d all be doomed, really.

It used to be that I’d write my main characters to either be the same age or one or two years older than I was because I wanted to believe in the teen power :joy:

Me at 12: “MC is 13 cuz that’s when we’re all gonna be badass. The villain is an idiot old man scientist.”
Me at 13: “Gotta age up the MC, 14 is the super age!”
14: “15 is when all the wisdom comes! Man, we’re so mature.”
15: “16! I can FEEL it! That’s when ALL the stories happen, right??”


Now: Ah, f*ck it.


:joy: it’s so true it hurts.


Now half of my characters are middle-aged people who know what they’re doing because I need that ray of hope for myself :joy:


Recess be like:

14 me: “Ok so the main peeps are gonna be 14. What if we made this dark broody side character…15.”

14 writing partner: “OH MY GOSH YES THEY’RE GONNA BE SO COOL”


That was literally me when I was like 13. “Oh my god, like 14-year-olds are so cool and mature and they can definitely save the world!”

Now I cringe at myself for making some of my characters 18 :joy:


I still have that same writing buddy and now whenever we create characters who are the same age as us (19/20) they just end up being depressed, jaded and tired beings who can probably do a neat card trick but want nothing to do with saving the world :joy:


I mean… That’s a very accurate portrait of today’s millennials.

I also remembered something… I wasn’t a fan of reading about other teens when I was a teen. I was fine writing about them, but I preferred to read about adults. I can’t remember actually reading a YA book when I was in the YA demo. (Mostly because Danish writers didn’t really write YA Fantasy and YA Fantasy wasn’t getting translated back then)


At this rate you’ll be writing a story about an octogenarian preventing an alien demon invasion from spreading a robot zombie virus, teaching the whipper-snappers how it’s done.


That sounds like a story I need in my life


they are


Oh, thank you!


Sarah J Maas, author of Throne of Glass


That’s a good series!