Opinions on Fantasy


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I dislike “Chosen Ones” scenarios. Even if done right, it always feels like something that’s been done before. :smile:


Stop using vampire or werewolf maybe. It’s not like we are lack of other fantasy creatures.
Dragon? Lamia? Harpy? Slime? Orc? Troll? Yeti?


But they’re hot. No, I mean that seriously. Their human enough to be appealing, but still more alien than writing humans. I’m pretty convinced this is why elves and dwarves have also retained their popularity. Their exotic, without being too exotic.

Can’t use dragons, harpies, and trolls in the same way without getting looks.


I was really excited about that anime about the guy who gets turned into a slime monster, but then it turned out to be super childish and annoying…


Yes. I want this. Disagree with me if you wish, but the best representation I have ever seen of a yeti was from the third Mummy movie. Personally, I thought they were cool (no pun intended).


That’s basically what I was trying to vocalize in the last post about anime. The Japanese have great ideas, but often revert back to their same old tropes in desperation to make a profit, just like American media. So they have about the same ratio of good vs crap, imo.

As I mentioned, Goblin Slayer has effected me the same way. It is quite smart at times:

And has a message about respecting women, but then it regularly resorts to sexualizing women at pretty much every opportunity. You go from one scene where we see men making sexual comments about the elf and her disgust, to watching a young woman bath or giant breasts bounce about like water balloons (I will refrain from GIFs) or the witch reaching into her breasts to retrieve a healing potion.



I find in the real world it’s usually hate that brings people together too :joy: it can be love too, and it should always be love, I wish it was always love, but hating something in common is just a special kind of bond ya know?


I think the only time I like this trope is in Phineas and Ferb. Or maybe Percy Jackson, but in PJ they kind of are incompetent idiots and they’re demigods so it makes sense they could do the things they do at the age they are doing them


I loved that series, but tbh the last couple books have kind of lost me. And I really didn’t like A Court of Thorns and Roses


That’s not even what turned me off of TTIGRAAS. It’s hard to explain why I didn’t like it. I know these kinds of shows are just supposed to be power fantasies, but… ugh, how do I say this? I don’t like shows where the main character says out loud what they’re going to do, and then does it with no problem. Maybe I’m just conditioned to how most stories do it, but if a plan gets explained before it happens, rather than as it’s happening, I expect something to go wrong somehow. When the MC makes a plan, explains the plan, and then the plan goes off without a hitch, there’s no tension. Nobody is fighting back, or if they are than they’re not a threat.

I only watched a couple of episodes, but it felt like literally everything just fell into the slime guy’s… well, slimes don’t have laps, so… meh.


Phineas and Ferb is a treasure


IDK. Might just be the genre.

I’ve heard good things about Magus’ Bride though.


I forgot to talk about battles. XD I’m okay with long battles if I’m already invested in the fighters. If the fight is all “X swung his sword in 180 degree arc,” “Y pirouetted counterclockwise,” “Z slashed diagonally upward to the left,” no matter the length, I just want to skip the whole fight.


What if the villain is also a chosen one? :’D



Is he human? :joy:


Unpopular Fantasy Opinion:

I heavily dislike a group of protagonists that are all based on D&D classes.

Male lead? Warrior.
Female lead? Archer.
The goofy guy? Mage.
The stoic guy? Assassin/rogue.


Bad :slight_smile:


God. :upside_down_face: