Opinions on Fantasy


The whole villain chosen one sounds interesting. Im gonna steal this. Thanks!


I have that in my book, lol. :joy:


Is there some kind of prophesy?


He becomes the patron of humanity, along with the protagonist.


How does he deal with that??


While the protagonist and the antagonist are both patrons, both of them can represent the good or the bad side. However, because the antagonist feels like humans are immoral and “need to be straightened out” because of the constant divisions and feuds humans always make. He wanted to rule the entire world. He thinks it’s a good thing, and some people did as well, especially the most oppressed countries that he managed to influence. However, he just ends up looking like another Adolf Hitler.


That sounds pretty interesting. :heart_eyes:.


Thank you! :heart:


Why it should be appealing is my concern. If you make a story about a dragon wants to survive from wizard or knight, IT COULD WORK. What matter I think the personality. You could make characters grotesque, non human or have any disfigure as long as you manage to bring the charm of its fun personality.
I suddenly want to make a story called how to survive human… :joy:

I WATCHED animation about skull working in bookstore. Yep, it exists…


Now that you mentio, Yeti is really rare in fiction.
Even bigfoot is more famous. :thinking:


Certainly. I just saying that people who write vampires and werewolves and merfolk want sexy or attractive monsters. Goblins, dragons, harpies, and trolls are generally not, unless they can turn into humans like werewolves.


I do agree the fanservice is too much… I just want to watch GS slaying Goblin in creative way.
I like Goblin Slayer before the anime comes out since dark RPG theme is rare.

Pretty sure GS don’t have message about respecting women. It is based on Dungeon and Dragon games, explaining why NOBODY has a name. Goblin Slayer is basically a player ignoring Game Master AKA God. Too obsess with goblin, too angry to die. :joy:

Just stay away from ecchi if you don’t want to see sexualize man or woman. There are tons of story where woman has great potrayal, like Full Metal Alchemist or Chihayafuru.


That, I would read.


I have that actually. :joy:



I see Mr. Yeti in my backyard every night, he needs some credit!

I love GS! The concept about it is pretty unique… Finally an anime that’s about degraded women in a non-sexual way!

I like me some sexy women, but sometimes, you just gotta take a break from it, you know?


Somone need to make a story "Yeti in My Backyard:, LOL.


Why have I been spawning new story ideas left and right lately? :joy:

I never knew my life is that interesting.


Fantasy anime has pretty much been ruined for me after Berserk.


How can I combine medieval fantasy with mecha?


How about Vinland Saga then? It’s not coming out yet, but I heard it’s about Viking and made by the same studio of Attack on Titan with. I even resist to read the manga because I want to watch it with full experience.