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Hi! So I’ve searched and I don’t see any topics on it yet, but how about an audio option? I love listening to audio books while I’m cleaning so I can hear the stories while I can’t be still. I used to be a part of a fan fiction site where they had a whole forum dedicated to those who wanted to participate in the auditory department, like how a beta reader would offer their services, and others could post looking for an audio reader. They had auditions, of course, and the author was able to pick who they liked best as the reader. Or they could just read it themselves. They would make requests about character voices/accents and tell you how to pronounce words/names. It required a nice amount of cooperating with writer and recorder.

The way the site did it they just added it to what ever chapter they wanted or did the whole story chapter by chapter and it was an added clickable box available when a story had an audio option. I think this would be great not only for readers who can’t physically read as much because of time, but also for readers who maybe get frustrated with reading in general? It helps get word out a little more, and it opens up a whole new world of wattpad and fiction.

this is a good idea actually

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Thank you! It’s also a lot of fun and really enjoyable!

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It is possible to use the “attach media” option in chapters to embed a YouTube video that contains an audio recording, if you wanted. I had a guy make a fan “theme song” for my fantasy story back in the day and that’s how I showcased it.

Would it allow me to attach a “long” video to it? Enough to read the whole chapter and not just a section of it?

It should. You just provide the link to the video and it will automatically make it visible/playable on the chapter on Wattpad.

I would absolutely love this. Usually, I prefer a good old fashioned physical copy to ebooks or audio but lately I’ve been doing a lot of long distance driving and I’ve been loving audiobooks. A similar feature on Wattpad would be awesome!!


Hmm perhaps. But, in my opinion, I think I’d personally like the option where it’s only on Wattpad better. While your audience would grow between YouTube and Wattpad, people on YouTube might start discovering it and Wattpad would/could lose visual readers.

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I am an absolute procrastinator! I don’t want to write when I have things to read, so I want to read my lists. I can’t always read my lists as I can’t always sit here and just read. But if I can listen while I’m being active, I can write when I sit. It’s a win-win for productivity and active listening! :rofl:


Hey, that’s awesome!!

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I’ve always wondered about this option!

The major issue would be that many stories are not necessarily the best written, so the audio would be questionable. I’ve thought about the idea of an author recording their own works, or allowing someone else to. But I have no idea if that’s a super hard thing to manage, in terms of ensuring the audio is clean.

I would love this option for maybe more vetted works, and maybe there is a program that can read a story with ease. Either way I definitely find myself wanting this from time to time!

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For stories not as well “attended to,” it’s still at the choice of the actor/author to move forth with an audio option, I’d think. If it really isn’t a well written piece of work, most audio actors probably won’t mess much with it, but it’s the perfect time for some good feedback. If no actors pick it up and the author truly wants it done, they’ll read it themselves. Again, this might actually help enhance their stories as sometimes it’s just hard to read and comprehend what’s being written, but listening to it might provide a whole new comprehension of what’s going on.

But, then again, the forum I was on that did this only published beta-read, approved stories, so all stories already had an upper hand at quality writing and storytelling. I think it’s great everything Wattpad has to offer for writers who make it very successful here, but I also think some of the perks such as this would be nice even if the writing isn’t a star author or paid story or already a watty winner, you know? But hey, whatever gets the idea kickstarted, I’m willing to see how it would work to get people on board if they would!

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Yeah I totally hear you! Id also wonder who these actors were and if they get paid or not, etc. I have no idea how much that generally costs :rofl:

That’s why I was thinking for the stories that aren’t from a Star, or aren’t Paid, if they’d have the option to record their own readings so they’d still have that audio option. But I think that might be too much for Wattpad to audit, cause I imagine they’d need to ensure that those audio clips are clean.

It could always be an option for premium members! Like for premium you get one Paid story a month, and can have like 5 chapters recorded a month or something like that.

I have no idea how their finances work or how you’d make sure those voice actors got paid :rofl: but man I have definitely been reading a book on here and then really want an audio option for sure!

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The way we did it we just continued with read for reads as payment, and shoutouts to the author/member. It would just be like beta reader searching: in search of an audio actor, then leave two or three paragraphs to your story for them to audition with. The auditioned person would then reply with a clip of their reading and after auditions close, the author would pick an actor.

But you are right on the moderating appropriate clips. The way we’d done it before, the moderators were still the ones that put the clips onto the story, so it still had to go through them (another reason why YouTube wouldn’t be the best option at this point but it’s already an option so people would most likely use it) but this site does a very good job of flagging and keeping the place pretty organized in my opinion, so it could probably be pretty fan moderated, too. Or have a group of audio moderators? I like the idea of premium membership, that way it doesn’t get too crazy.

This is fun! Thank you for brainstorming with me!

Hi Jonnie! Me and two other girls are researching exactly what your post is about. We also think it would be great to have the audio option.

Could you please answer our Poll?


@MochaVonBee you have audio books for your stories as far as I know, maybe this topic is of interest?


Hey there,

My story has been #1 in Audio and Audiobook on Wattpad so that’s kinda cool, even though they are small tags…

My story has audio, which I made myself. I have a YouTube link at the beginning of each chapter, but there’s also a playlist where you can listen to the whole thing in the right order.

Audio was something I really, really, really wanted to try out so I guess that was the main reason I did it. It was A LOT more work than I expected and a big learning curve, because I didn’t know anything about audio.

Recorded on Garageband, which is good but pretty complicated, for me anyway, and I still haven’t really figured it out :joy: :joy: :joy:
Then I made the audios into videos (Just a single image of the cover), uploaded to YouTube and put the link into the chapters on Wattpad.

The big problem is, if you make changes to the text, you then have to change the audio… I’ve already had to re-do the first third of the story on audio… which is super time-consuming…

People comment that they love the audio option being there and think it’s really cool, but I honestly don’t think many people listen, though that might change over time…

I’m really glad I tried it out, but whether it’s really worth all the extra effort… :woman_shrugging:

Thanks for tagging me @TwistedNym because this is something I often get asked about :heart_eyes:


See I loved it and found it relatively easy to figure out when we did it. So it would definitely be a “to each their own” sort of thing if they’d even like to do it or not.

I might try the YouTube format just to try it, but I do feel that it’s a bit more unstable that way just because if you do decide to take your story further/off Wattpad for say publishing reasons, you’d have an audio option that by the time you deleted it, who knows how many times someone listened to your book for free. Also, if your story does go further on here, like a paid story or something, the readers wold have a chance to listen for free on YouTube. I don’t think it’s a super popular idea, no, but I’m sure more than just a handful of people would enjoy it even if all they did was listen and didn’t participate in making them. The forum we used had a separate forum to keep everyone who used the feature in one spot so they could see who participated and if more became interested. Then, it was the first to go, too, when the forum started going under and then the whole site is gone now lol. But I figured it would be worth the shot. I’ll try the YouTube thing for now. I guess it won’t be something that people will pick up on until after they see it a few times, maybe?

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Well, way more people have read my story on Wattpad than listened to it on YouTube :joy: Think people who find my audio discover it though Wattpad, rather than YouTube, although I guess if you already have a popular channel on YouTube, that could be different…
You can delete stuff permanently on YouTube if you decide you don’t want it up there any more :heart_eyes:

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I currently use a TTS reader app and chrome plugin for Wattpad stories and do wish there was a built option for audio. Doesn’t have to be the greatest, but something passable.

The only problem is that TTS engines have flaws and some stories are not best read by a machine. Especially when you have characters talking back and forth and there aren’t good dialogue or action tags to denote who’s speaking.

A good voice actor will give each character enough difference in tone to denote this, but a machine can’t.

I use amazon Polly for live reading my stories. The neural voice option and conversational speaking there are awesome, but it is limited still. I’m hoping it improves in the next couple years so I can do audio versions of my stories and maybe link them to my written versions.