Original Character Arena OR.C.A.

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Voting results!


So I guess we’re doing tournament rules!!! \ (^-^) /

I’ll post the general rules next and then submissions will be open!

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Kimmy is still on the forum? o_o

Yup she voted on here lol

Which even more surprises me xD

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So here we go! @Oblivionyx @Crimson_Scythe @Aero_Gottesbesitz @Lord_Killen_King @The_Twi1ight_Prince @Spider-Hawk @VrayZrone @MistickMage @litericy @Sandcat @Eternal_Foxglove @The_Mad_Fox @TheTrueTerrydactyl @ZacKember

Tournament Rules!

  • We will start off with the opening rounds where players will be matched together based on compatibility OR based on a Challenge.

  • There’s nothing to Challenge really, it’s just a way of letting another player know you are very interested in battling against them. If a Challenge is accepted that pairing is insta-locked so make sure to save your Challenge for when everyone is submitted. To initiate a Challenge simple @ the person with the word Challenge and wait for their response.

  • You and your opponent will engage in a 7-ish long debate about how your characters will battle it out. At the end of the 7-ish day period the Host will take everything that’s been said into account everything that’s been said, ask a few questions, and then decide on a winner.

  • The battle results will be written by the Host which will also reveal the results at the same time with a post analysis afterwards. If you wish to challenge your battle result you may and the Host will listen to your arguments as well as give your opponent a chance to respond. Afterwards if a battle result does not change, it must be accepted as the final result.

  • Winners of the first round will move on to Block A while the losers of the round will move on to Block B. Block A participants are allowed one loss which will move them to Block B. However if you are in Block B you are forever in a Sudden Death scenario. Block B participants will still have an opportunity to advance to the Grand Championship Match, however they will have to go through a significantly more challenging route compared to Block A as they will have more people to defeat.

  • For every victory your character receives you are allowed to add a single ability to their form, or you can buff a single stat. These must be reasonable buffs however, do not request for a massive jump in power. Keep in mind these buffs are not required they are merely an option to help you increase your chances at victory.

  • The battle ground will be a semi-neutral arena which will provide everything a character needs in order to function. For example if a character’s power comes from a very specific energy source, the arena will provide that energy source for that player. Meaning that within the arena all energy sources are valid and they will affect other people as if they were within their cannon story.

  • The battlefield will also change itself and its environment so that each player can use the environment to their advantage. For example is your character does well in a jungle environment there will be a massive jungle in the arena. The arena is MASSIVE and unpopulated so do not worry about harming innocent bystanders. That being said, the arena will begin to shrink, eliminating areas in the process, if the players do not engage in combat to force them to fight.

  • Due to the above rule I request that you as the players add on your form a section labeled Preferred Terrain So that I’ll have an idea as to what to include on the arenas.

  • Immortality or Story Unique methods of death will be nullified in the arena so don’t depend on that to save your characters. All fighters can be killed just as easily as any other. However, this doesn’t mean that the fights need to end in death. In fact your Host would prefer that you not kill each other, but also understands that some characters will not want to just beat and opponent but instead chose to kill them.

@The Final Round or the Championship Match will be Sudden Death for both players so if your the champ of Block A don’t count on that second chance to save you. If you lose the match your lose the tournament.

So with that being said I’ll reveal the power level of the match ups and you’ll all be free to submit!


Interesting and unique rules, simple but sounds fun :3

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I’m going to tag all the players on this post too because the first two submissions seem quite strong but not quite at the level they need to be. So bear with me one more time here. I’m all for helping you out just remember these fights are designed to be pretty insane so read over the power level please. :slight_smile:

@Oblivionyx @Crimson_Scythe @Aero_Gottesbesitz @Lord_Killen_King @The_Twi1ight_Prince @Spider-Hawk @VrayZrone @MistickMage @litericy @Sandcat @Eternal_Foxglove @The_Mad_Fox @TheTrueTerrydactyl @ZacKember


This will be a High Powered match up!

You’re power limit is… Being able to wipe out a mountain range. As long as you don’t go beyond that limit you’re totally fine. However do not mistake me here, blowing up a mountain range is your absolute max power meaning you’re only allowed to have a single ability that can do this and it must be your ultimate finishing move. But that still means your characters should be pretty dang strong.

Other abilities that may be considered Hax like immunity to energy based attacks for example are all fine. Just know that to balance this out you will have pitiful physical defenses. In other words, you’re totally allowed to have Haxy abilities but you’ll need to balance out your character lol.

So with that being said, unless you have more questions I BELIEVE that’s all I have to say sooo-

Submissions are now open!


Oi I wasn’t done yet xD

lol jk But thanks I was hoping to try and make it somewhat unique :3

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I like everything so far :3

Wondering what kind of character to add here mhmmmm

Lol thaaaaanks :3

You enjoy the little Dragon Ball nod with the power level? xD

Whatever you submit just remember YOU’RE ALLOWED TO TRY TO WIN THIS ONE! Just like I’m allowed to try and win since IF I participate I won’t be in charge of handling my match lol

So we submit a link to a google doc with our character info in order to enter, correct?

Yup yup and make sure that you make it a public doc too so that everyone with the link can read it lol

I’ll enter Aknakku


Ooooh I’ll definitely look them over soon I have class soon but I’ll bookmark this guy.

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No worries

Alrighty, so time to enter Brain from TPWW ReveroZero.

Brian (Brain)
It is a link to a google doc just FYI.


Alrighty I’ll bookmark him too :slight_smile:

So, the character I’m working on transformers from her civilian form to her powered form. She does not fight in her civilian form and it is highly unlikely anyone will make her change back to it during a fight. Should I just have her transformed form listed in the stat sheet?

yep that’s totally fine.

Though I would list how they transform as well cause you never know what kind of people she’ll face.