Original Character Arena OR.C.A.

@Crimson_Scythe Did ya see my thoughts? lol your the other experienced host here, so got any pointers for something Sakhal can do?

Nvm lol

Sakhal probably won’t be there the whole battle. Zoromon has obsessive paranoia about him getting hurt after the incident where Sakhal became a Ferash Therall.

Ohhhh lol okay I’ll leave him at that than :slight_smile:

Also, Sakhal is 100% NOT up for grabs. If anyone else should try to get on his back, they should expect to be thrown off and trampled to a pulp.

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Lol I was just going to suggest that if someone tries they fall through or he just vanishes whenever Zoromon doesn’t need him.

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1 @TheTrueTerrydactyl (ACCEPTED)

2 @VrayZrone (ACCEPTED)

3 @Lord_Killen_King (ACCEPTED)

4 @The_Twi1ight_Prince (ACCEPTED)

5 @litericy (Currently Being Tweaked)

6 @MistickMage (ACCEPTED)

7 @Eternal_Foxglove (ACCEPTED)

8 @Spider-Hawk (ACCEPTED)

9 @The_Mad_Fox (ACCEPTED)

10 @Oblivionyx (ACCEPTED)

11 @TheBiologist13 (ACCEPTED)

12 @Arkotract (ACCEPTED)

13 @Sandcat (Being Tweaked Will review again later)

14 @blue_jay (Being Tweaked Open for Review)


Ufufufufu i’m one of those shameless shippers aha~



But like, khi-tevri would need a new set of abilities then?


Your ideas are good the way they are :+1:

But if you want, I can totally gives more tweak to Zoromon since he got huge potential for some really really fantastic power simply due to his special existence of being… out of reality, and being so deeply interwoven with the spiritual world.


Not necessarily just a few others for the avatar to use.

If you have some in mind I’m happy to see them, otherwise I can maybe suggest a few?

Do it up lol I won’t stop anyone else from making suggestions. So long as the creator approves of them I’ll consider the abilities as well.

@LuthienSeregon interested?

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Yup, but I don’t have time today. Tomorrow, I’ll read through everything (if I’m not too tired) and decide which one of my characters can fight… most of them are still learning (from other characters, though, so… ugh, yeah, I’m a bit tired)

Lol well we’re pretty close to our desired number of characters but if you wanna participate, as the host I’m happy to surrender my spot for you!

And don’t worry my main duty here is to help you make your character acceptable for the game. :blush:

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Form has been updated.


Alrighty now we should maybe adjust his overall stats now?

I saw that you didn’t give him that teleporting ability so maybe we could make him pretty fast?

I don’t think he needs to be very strong since his daggers are KINDA broken (your welcome :blush:)

Hmm he seems like he should have something else to him though I can’t quite think of what :thinking:

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@blue_jay So I’m working on my EBG writing while also trying to work on my submission. Originally I was just gonna pick a random copy of my EBG form but I currently think on making a new form for Yamane or Akasaki or something. Just hope that I can finish my EBG writing soon, so I can focus on my character submission immediately.

If I didn’t finish my EBG writing on time, then I guess I’ll enter another time… :slight_smile:

lol but is a one time only :open_mouth:


Let’s see if I can prioritize making my form first then

Should I just smash in Onyxus? He maybe couldn’t blow mountains, but he got many crazy power that can counter many things while also require specific weakness to ever be beaten.