Original Character Arena OR.C.A.



Hello~ ouo


Allo~ ouo


Game didn’t even start yet and it’s already so lively here eh? xD


We might end up spamming this thread with chat, lol.


@Oblivionyx @Crimson_Scythe I mean I don’t mind that at all lol just be sure to enjoy whenever the game actually DOES start xD


Thanks for the tag


You’re very welcome :3

It probably won’t start for a day or two so you got time to look over the little quirks this one has lol


K thanks again


I am going to be! Working on a (couple) character bios for when we get in full-gear.


Lol Alrighty I’ll add you into the list :3


@blue_jay You should elaborate on what the Tournament and Boss Systems are so we can choose better. :slight_smile:


Fair enough lol I’ll do that right now


This would be the best, I think. A tournament round will really give us the option to think creatively and use the surroundings to our advantage. The boss style round with a story is nice, but there’s already a lot of threads like it.


Lol I just added the descriptions of what each round would look like on the Voting Poll ^-^


I have a feeling that if the tournament wins I’ll be setting myself up for a LOT of work here :sweat_smile:


Setting up an arena is easier than cooking up a good story. You can just say the characters are fighting in a gladiatorial arena, describe the setting, and you’re done!


Actually I’ll be designing the arenas based on the characters so they can use their surroundings to their fullest. Just because I know there are characters out there that love using the area as a weapon :3

So it’ll be a different stage every time lol


That would definitely be hard.


Yep but don’t worry to make it easier for myself I’ll have you guys provide me a “Preferred Terrain” section on your forms so I can come up with a good stage for the battles :3


I really REALLY wanna submit Lumina…:laughing:

Or maybe I should make a new form hmmm…:thinking: